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I LIKE your big Handful of Brown Sugar, and a squeeze of honey...
It leaves things as they should be. Want a little less, use a little less, Want more, use more.
Much easier than trying to pack the Brown Sugar in a measuring cup and wondering if you got it right. I'm much stronger than my wife. So her Packed, and my packed is bound to be different.
You cook similar to my Son-In-Law, shotgun it and adjust to personal taste.
Even when I do measure, and I usually do, it is with ambiguity. I accept that 100 of us could check a temperature, and all 100 would be a little different.
in case anyone's curious, the Sliced Pork Belly is what Preacher Man says is the best thing he's ever smoked (as of this post). can't wait to try it myself.
Just a reminder if you use tags when you put your post up and put the tag recipe in there then it can be searched easier on the forum.

Tagging Thread
What a coincidence Brian, I just added some useful Tags...JJ
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