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I'll say this about pork loins and any loin cut.
I've never had a dry one since I started wet brining them overnight and pulling at 140°-145°.
All are incredibly moist and juicy prepped thusly.
Even had one or two overcook as high as 150° and still be moist due to the added moisture of brining.

I seldom add anything other than 1/2c of Kosher or Sea salt per quart of water when making brine.
All that is needed for the chemistry to take place is salt/water.

I'll agree with this.... BRINE ... Mines a lil different tho... I use 1 gallon of water... 3/4 cup kosher salt... 3/4 cup of sugar... make sure it's precooled before submerging the loin for about 12 hrs ... this will fix the dryness ...
I take Pork Loin to 135-140, Tops!, and rest. They are moist and tender. My Boss, prefers Pork Tenderloin much more! Smoke at 225 to 110°F tben Reverse Sear, brush with BBQ Sauce, take to 125-130 , in the thick end. With a rest the meat is Pink and Juicy, they are great!
Favorite preparation. This also works with Steak, adjust doneness, and Pork Loin Chops, seared rare and finished to 130-135 in the Sauce...JJ


2ea Pork Tenderloin
SPOG to coat.
2Tbs Bacon Grease, or as needed.
2ea Shallots, minced.
8 to 16 ounces Sliced Mushrooms.
1/4cup Brandy, E&J or Christian Brothers is fine. Apple Juice if no Booze allowed.
1Tbs Dijon Mustard or Gulden's Spicy Brown. Add more if desired.
2-3 Sprigs Fresh Thyme* See note...
2cups Heavy Cream
S & P / Sugar TT
Chopped Parsley to Garnish

Preheat Oven to 300°F
Dry the Pork with paper towel and rub on some SPOG.
Heat a heavy bottom pan over med/high heat.
Sear the Pork on all sides, until well browned. Turn off heat and Remove the Pork to a baking pan. Place in the Oven.
Roast until the IT reaches 120°F, remove and rest, uncovered, to cool and cook a bit more. About 15 minutes.

Reheat the Saute Pan over medium heat.
Add the Shallots, Mushrooms and Thyme to the Saute Pan and Bacon Grease. Stir until softened, Fragrant and the mushroom are golden brown.
Turn off the Flame and Deglaze the pan with Brandy, scraping the pan bottom. Stir until steam subsides.
Restore to medium heat and reduce by half.
Whisk in the Mustard, and stir 30 seconds.
Add Heavy Cream and whisk to combine.
Slice the Pork in 3/8" thick Slices and set aside. KEEP THE BOSSES FINGERS AWAY!
Heat the Sauce until it thickens enough to coat a Spoon. Drawing a Finger across the spoon back and thru the sauce should leave a clean path that doesn't run back together. Remove the Thyme Stems.
Add the Sliced Pork to the sauce with any juices, and just warm through. Adjust S & P and add a 1/2 tsp Sugar if a bit Sharp.
Serve with Buttered Egg Noodles or Mashed Potates and a Veg.
Serves 4
.*Note...We buy Clam Shell Packs of Fresh Herbs and Freeze them. You can take what you need and the rest stays good for a month.
Thanks, I edited to include the Mushrooms I neglected to add. Though it is good with or without...JJ
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