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chef jimmyj
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Oct 16, 2019 at 7:27 AM
May 12, 2011
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Jun 4, 1962 (Age: 57)
A Jersey Boy in the mountains of Emporium PA

chef jimmyj

Epic Pitmaster, 57, from A Jersey Boy in the mountains of Emporium PA

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    1. backpacker048
      Good Morning,
      Got a safety question for you.
      How long can I keep meat after thawing it out? I removed a pork loin from the freeze 2 days ago. By yesterday it was completely thawed and I returned it to the fridge. Due to several dinner invites, I'd prefer not to cook it for another 3 days. That means that the meat from freezer to grill is 5-6 days. I've left it in the freezer suction bag.
      1. chef jimmyj
        chef jimmyj
        If Vac-packed, 7 days should be no issue. Keep it on the bottom shelf toward the back of the refer. If the seal is broken, 3 days.
        Sep 29, 2019
    2. dave17a
      My mom would stuff dates, what i don't know, thinking nuts of some sort. roll in sugar. Walnuts in different colored sugars for Christmas. don't get it anymore. She died young.
      1. chef jimmyj
        chef jimmyj
        Almond stuffed Dates was common around the holidays. Especially Smoked Salted Almonds. Smokey, Salty, Sweet, what more do you need?
        Sep 19, 2019
    3. hoity toit
      hoity toit
      hope all is well with you Brother.
      1. chef jimmyj
        chef jimmyj
        Getting busy. Oldest can't be here Christmas Eve. Going to have the big day 2 times. Hope you and your's have a great Holiday Season.
        Dec 11, 2018
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    Jun 4, 1962 (Age: 57)
    A Jersey Boy in the mountains of Emporium PA
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