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Sliced Pork Belly

Preacher Man

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I started with a 5 pound pork belly sliced in half with the grain.

After diamond-scoring the top I seasoned it with a rub consisting of:
2 T Sugar
2 T Kosher Salt
2 T Paprika
1 T Garlic
1½ t Course Black Pepper
1½ t Mustard Powder
1 t Chile Powder

Smoked at 230º with Applewood until the internal temp reached 180º.

Rested for 20 minutes and sliced into it.

Oh my gracious! This is hands down one of the best things I have ever smoked! Tender. Moist. Perfect flavor from the wood and spice to compliment the pork. Mmm! I whipped up a mustard-vinegar sauce that I thought would go nicely with it, but to be honest nobody wanted it with the sauce and it certainly didn't need it.

Look at how that fat band in the middle perfectly rendered.
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sorry for the dumb question, but pork belly is where bacon comes from? makes me want to get a slab of pork belly from costco to try this weekend.

i see the pics now, looks great!

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sorry for the dumb question, but pork belly is where bacon comes from? did you slice it up like bacon? makes me want to get a slab of pork belly from costco to try this weekend.
No dumb questions here.

That is indeed where bacon comes from. So this was pretty much a smoked bacon without the cure. It has a totally different flavor than bacon when there is no cure.

I smoked it whole and then sliced afterwards like you would a brisket. Some wanted thicker slices, some wanted really thin slices. So I obliged the consumer.

I would absolutely recommend getting a pork belly to try out for the weekend. Usually I do pork belly burnt ends (you'll see a ton of recipes floating around here for that), but this was my first time smoking it whole and slicing.


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That look great PM. Never smoked one always just used it for bacon but might have to try that now!


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Looks good

Pork belly is one of my favorite things to smoke up.


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Nice job with that belly preacher. Looks delicious.

Point for sure


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Oh yea! Looks like I'll need to get two pork bellies next time - one to slice and one for more bacon. Like


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Oh man! Sounds heavenly!

Enlighten me: are you talking skin on while I smoke and then crisp it up somehow, or just some cracklings as a side dish?
Belly with skin on, smoke and then crisp skin in 400°-500° oven.
You can also braise the meat in whatever sauce or liquid without touching the skin and it is heavenly Mana.
I've been doing them both smoked and just oven cooked.
See my Recipe Index.
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Missed another Great one for almost 3 weeks!!
Thanks for the Bump, Solman!!
Like Preacher Man Preacher Man


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i was wondering, can you actually taste the mustard powder once it's cooked?
It's definitely not a flavor that stands out. Ground mustard tastes much different than the yellow mustard mixed with vinegar that you squirt on the sandwich. To me, ground mustard is an earthy flavor with a very faint zing on the tail end.

So whether or not I can specifically taste it on the meat? No, not specifically, but I think it aids in the overall earthiness of the flavor profile.
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