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Pulled Chicken Tacos

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by Preacher Man, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Albertson's had whole chickens on sale (I've grown to love shopping...for meat sales!). Bought two and decided to make pulled chicken tacos for the game this past weekend.

    Started with the two chickens and brined them all morning long from about 7am til 3 pm.

    Took them out of the brine and paper towel dried them. I didn't feel like mixing up a rub that day so I sprinkled them with Fiesta Brand Fajita Seasoning (to me, it tastes like a really well proportioned SPOG).
    IMG_20190105_151148.jpg IMG_20190105_151155.jpg

    Into the preheated smoker they went. 275º on the MES 30 with the AMZNPS Tube filled with Alder. When the IT hit 145, I took them out and placed them in a foil tray and covered them with more foil. I did this hoping that I would catch some juices that I could add back into the meat after I pulled them. My wish was granted. I'll do it like this every time from now on to catch those juices!

    After resting for 30 minutes I pulled the chicken with my hands with ease. Afterwards, I poured all of those marvelous juices back onto the meat and mixed it all in. (Click to enlarge this picture to see the moisture)

    Now this is something to taco 'bout!
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  2. xray

    xray Master of the Pit

    Nice looking tacos! I sure could go for a few. I really enjoy making them too, posted a few on here in the past.

    Have you ever tried pickling your red onions? They really make ‘em sing.

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  3. Steeleydan

    Steeleydan Newbie

    What is your brine recipe?
  4. I've never just pickled red onions, but I really should. I have a pickled egg recipe that my whole family loves, and as part of that I throw red onions into the pickling juices. The red onions are usually some of the first things to go.
  5. SmokinVOLfan

    SmokinVOLfan Master of the Pit

    Looks great point! How long did it take you to pull all that chicken?
  6. Less than 10 minutes
  7. Looks great, Preacher! I've got 4 brining today to smoke this afternoon, and now I'm thinking TACOS for one of them :)

    If you stopped smoking the chickens at an IT of 145*, are you expecting the IT to rise to 165* (20 degrees) while tented? Obviously it came to temp, and looks delicious, I'm just surprised. Maybe I've been overcooking my chicken...
  8. I didn't pull and tent them at 145°, that's just when I wrapped them. I smoked them to 163° in the breast before pulling out of the smoker and resting. Sorry for the confusion.

    Some guys pull them off the heat at 160° and let them come up to temp, but I just don't mess around when it comes to chicken.
  9. Me, either. Like touching a hot stove, you only do that once! Thanks for the clarification.
  10. indaswamp

    indaswamp Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Looks good. I need to add this to the list of cooks to do @ the firehouse....