Smoked PRIME RIB (Multiple Woods) Pic Heavy!!

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Sep 12, 2009
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Smoked PRIME RIB (Multiple Woods) Pic Heavy!!

I figured it was about time to smoke that last Prime Rib I bought back in December of 2013.
The last Prime Rib I smoked was back in October—More that 6 months ago!!!
That’s just way too long for this old Bear to go without his Prime Rib Fix!!

This time I decided to use my old Prototype AMNS I got from Todd when he was doing experiments, and use up some Sawdust I got from Todd 6 years ago, so I filled 2 rows with about 70% Hickory Dust and 30% Cherry Dust. It didn’t last as long as I figured, and was ready to run out after only 3 1/2 hours. The only thing I had handy at the smoker was an old jug of Apple Dust I had saved from my miter saw after cutting chips & chunks for my Son about 5 years ago. So I added one last row of Apple Dust to my AMNS.

I took it to a slightly higher Internal Temp, because of the Sister-in-law, but it was still pink from Bark to Bark, and even better tasting than all my other Prime Ribs. I couldn’t believe it. It sliced better at 144°, and wasn’t as chewy as my below 140° finishes. I think I’ll go for 142° to 145° in the future.

There is soooo much difference between a Smoked Prime Rib, and one not smoked!!! These are Awesome!!

I know I got a lot of guys to try “Smoked Prime Rib” already, but for those who haven’t try this, keep your eyes open for sales. They aren’t that expensive if you get them on a good sale. I do my best during Christmas week. You won’t believe how good these are Smoked!!

BTW: This “Choice” Prime Rib was 6.40 LBS before removing the bones, for $6.99 (with the bones) during the Christmas week of 2013.


7:00 AM———Rinse, Dry, and Score Crosshatch through the surface fat.*
7:10 AM———Coat with Worcestershire Sauce “Thick”, and rub with a small amount of Sea Salt, and Black Pepper, Garlic Powder, and Onion Powder.
7:15 AM———Put Prime Rib on Wire Cooling rack in Foil Pan,Cover with Plastic Wrap, and put in fridge for a rest.

BTW: They changed the name of “Worcestershire (Thick) to “Lea & Perrins Bold Steak Sauce”.

Smoking (Dinner Time to be 4:30 PM):

Note: Ambient Temp was in Low to Mid 70° range throughout this entire smoke, with practically ZERO Wind.

10:30 AM———Pre-heat MES 40 to 240°. Also fill 2 rows of AMNS with 70% Hickory & 30% Cherry Dust, and light one end.
11:00 AM———Put Prime Rib on second shelf, and place AMNS on bottom support bars to the left of the chip burner assembly.
11:00 AM———Also cut heat setting back to 230°.
2:00 PM----------Sterilize & insert Meat Probe in center of roast.
2:00 PM----------Internal Temp is 126°. Going faster than usual.
2:30 PM———-Internal Temp is 131°.
3:00 PM----------Internal Temp is 140°. Cut Heat back to 200° to slow it down.
3:30 PM----------Internal Temp is 144˚. Cut Heat back to 170° to stop the cooking .
3:45 PM----------Internal Temp is 145˚. Add pan of “Twice Baked Taters” to the same rack (Already hot, but need some smoke).
4:20 PM———-Internal Temp is 144°——— Remove, take pics, slice, more pics, plate with sides, more pics & eat.

Note: According to my Maverick ET-732, both sides of my MES 40 were within 6 degrees of MES Set Temp at all times.

Thanks For Looking!


Everything I need——Sharp Knife, Cooling rack, Foil Pan, Worcestershire “Thick” Sauce, Sea Salt, CBP, Garlic Powder, and Onion Powder:

Prime Rib——6.4 LBS, Bones Removed ($6.99 LB):

Bottom side seasoned:

Roast on Cooling Rack, in Pan, Top side scored & Worcestershire applied:

Top side all seasoned up:

Covered & into the Fridge until Smoking Time:

Two rows of AMNS filled with 70% Hickory, and 30% Cherry Sawdust——One end lit:

Prime Rib on 2nd Rack——AMNS on support bars in bottom:

Hard to see, but nice light TBS coming from top vent, through Sink Strainer bug guard:

Dust was almost used up——Added Apple Dust in last row:

Added small pan of 6 “Twice Baked Taters”:

Prime Rib & Taters fresh from the Smoker:

Three slices for Dinner (End piece for SIL):

Closer look at slices (Bark to Bark Pink):

Bear’s First Helping:

Desserts——Mrs Bear made the “Cream Cheese Pie”, and her Sister made the “Peanutbutter & Oatmeal No-Bake Cookies” (Too Sweet):

Bear’s slice of Pie topped with Strawberries. This was really good!

Leftovers sliced up for more things to come:

Closer Look:

Ready for Fridge:

Bear’s next day Breakfast:
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Thumbs UpLooks great Bear, maybe hit the leftovers with some Cajun spice and blacken it with some shrooms and onions! And of course send it to me as a sammich!!Thumbs Up
Nice Job !!  Looks Great,  Beat the Heck out of my Fajitas we had yesterday,   I love the color and bark, a nice pink inside  WoW



I'm pretty sure those last pieces in the picture, Bear was sending to me !!!  Can't wait

Another great PR, Bear.

Nice to see you use something other then hickory. Lol
Another great PR, Bear.

Nice to see you use something other then hickory. Lol
I'm glad you said that, I was thinking the same thing !!    You think he ran out ??

I'm gonna eat my heart healthy Cheerios for breakfast in the morning, but "dang it" I'm going to be thinking about that breakfast plate with the beautiful prime rib and eggs over easy!

Great job Bear, 
So wait a minute, is this not the new best ever prime rib???? Is The title of this thread is misleading???

Great looking smoke Bear!

:points:Great looking PR, Bear. The color is perfect. Nice touch, just happened to have a slice left over for breakfast.
Thumbs UpLooks great Bear, maybe hit the leftovers with some Cajun spice and blacken it with some shrooms and onions! And of course send it to me as a sammich!!
Thank You!

You're nailing those prime ribs!!!
-  What time is dinner??

Thank You Duke!!

I Appreciate that !

I'm thinking Bear is getting the hang of this Prime Rib cooking !!!       "Bear's House of Prime Rib"      I'd eat there      

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