I smoked a Tri-tip like a prime rib

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Feb 18, 2012
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I recently smoked a Picanha like a prime rib and it came out pretty damn good. So good that I only enjoyed part of it before the rest was given away after our Christmas party. I was going to grab another one and do it again but when I went to buy one they had tri-tips sitting next to them at half the price.

I thought could I do them same with the Tri-tip? Let's find out.

I prepped it almost the same with one change. I have been drying peppers from hot to mild in the kitchen window and wanted to add them to the mix.


I ground them up in a coffee grinder as the tri-tip was smoking. Next to it was Mexican basil and Oregano for later.


The night before I covered the Tri-tip with a Prime rib mix and left it in the fridge uncovered overnight.


I placed it in the smoker this morning at 220* with a smoke tube at the bottom of the smoker and let it go.


When it reached an IT of 110* I added the oregano/basil/pepper mix with EVOO and pulled it at 140*.


Unfortunately I was unable to try it yet. My wife got a foot infection that required a hospital trip. Then a transfer to another hospital where they are keeping her over night for observation. I'm back home for a few hours of sleep until I can bring her home. We should have a good meal tomorrow afternoon. From the looks of that cut it should be as good as the Picanha.
Hope your wife feels better, looks like she will enjoy the Tri tip. It looks fantastic.

Did you leave grill temp at 220 the entire time or did you crank it up after you pulled it at 110.
Prayers for the wife and quick healing for her foot. Of course now she can kick back in the recliner and have you serve her that great looking TT like the queen she is!

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Thank all of you for your well wishes. They pumped her full of antibiotics and kept her in the ER until noon today. Her swelling is way down and she is feeling much better.

I did manage a taste of the the Tri-Tip around 5am and it is every bit as good as the Picanha was.

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