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  • Hello,
    I've been reading about exhaust calculations and I just don't get it. The calculators I'm using keep telling me 3 inches but I know that's not right. I have a 55 gallon offset drum smoker with a 20 gallon propane tank firebox. Current stack is tiny and I have draft issues causing my fire to smother. How long should my exhaust be? TIA and I appreciate your work on this forum.
    Hello Gary ,Bear said hello and that you might be able to help with some measurements for a reverse flow bbq
    I was wondering about the height of the grill above the baffle plate.
    John in Beaverton.
    Thanks Gary,
    I'm looking at East Texas Smoker Company to build a net BBQ Rig for me. I've never smoked/cooked on one of their smokers. Do you have any thoughts on their smokers? I'm looking at the Category 5 Reverse Flow Smokers. Thanks for any info.
    May Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Bless Your Day

    John Dawson
    Food Services Coordinator
    First Evangelical Church
    Did a BBQ benfit yesterday with my smoking buddies We had 4 stick burners going and did 300 lbs of chicken and 100 lbs of sausage, got everything done by 1pm. Pretty cool event and a lot more fun than competition cooking.
    Hi Gary,
    Well the brisket was on at 6am. At 12:00 at 167 degrees I flipped it over fat cap down. Photo album it growing.
    Looked through 5 full briskets and choose the one with the thinkest flat. 18 lbs+. The Wood in my yard is almand and oak.
    Hi Gary,
    I have a question about smoking brisket. When using a rub, when do you apply it and what do you prefer to use? My wife's son and his wife are coming in from Missouri Saturday. This will be MY first brisket in the smoker. Thanks,
    Hey Gary which ofJeffs rubs would you recommend for a pork butt? Thanks
    hello gary. I see you post on here quite often and I noticed you posted on my thread (Big Build) about ribwizzard. Would you happen to have any words of encouragement or harsh counsel about my ideas?
    Thanks for the welcome. Have been a member and have been smoking for the past several years. Seems like very few restaurants are able to do this well and was wondering if anyone out there is supplying them.
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