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August 22
South Louisiana, on the Mississippi River
Retired pedlar, have covered the Southeast, the So


Smoking Guru, Male, from South Louisiana, on the Mississippi River

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    1. HalfSmoked
      Ha you following me you will get lost too I'm an old man who seems sometimes to lose his way.
    2. dwdunlap
      foamheart, could you please recommend one of your brine recipes for my up coming smoke a a pork butt. I plan to pull at 145 to slice some for dinner and then back to smoker and take up to 205 for pulled. You seem to be the one to ask.

      I don't know why SMF is so damn difficult to easily find the recipes I need.


    3. remsr
      I think I’m in the right place to ask if you have Jambalaya recipe you care to share?
    4. tc fish bum
      tc fish bum
      when we were in nola this spring we all fell in love with red beans and rice, enough so that I have been trying to clone it with little to no success! are the beans red kidney or are they small red beans? that may be my problem. seeing your real deal coonazz you will know more than a cook book. pls help
    5. tc fish bum
      tc fish bum
      hey foam, got back from nola this week. wow that town is crazzzzzyyy. stayed at st. phillips in the quarter, quirky kool little hotel. pat obriens was the best place i found in the quarter proper. got out some in nola and had the creole classics. think i like cajun a little better. next trip im going to baton rouge or lafayette. too old for new orleans! will miss the bennys at cafe du monde though.
      1. foamheart likes this.
    6. tc fish bum
      tc fish bum
      your a rock star!! gonna fly rod some red fish when im down, that is when im not eating south la out of food. guess im road tripping to get some real boudin cause i cant leave without having tried it!!! like going to kentucky and not getting some mutton or ham. Not recommended.
    7. tc fish bum
      tc fish bum
      hey foam, Im taking my oldest girl to new orleans week after mardi gras to eat our way through the city. we are going for food and culture not to party in tourist traps. any recommendations? I am sooooo gonna eat fresh boudin till i get sick the first thing off the plane, any real deal spots you say i will go to. so excited about this one.
    8. crystal10
      For your picnic ham, you used a peach glaze. Would you share that recipe for that?? Not sure I'm excited about adding ginger to the mix... thoughts?
    9. disco
      I was changing servers and got your message re Thanksgiving but it was lost in switch over. Thanks for the good wishes and I hope you have lots to be thankful for!
    10. jhamm
      Hey Foam, I am originally from Belle Chasse LA. I lived in LAfayette for several years where I went to college at ULL. I now live outside Wichita Ks. I cant get good sausage or TAso here so took up smoking meats to make my own. (Mostly from Venison) do you have a taso seasoning recipie you might shar I havent found one yet. I buy an Andouille seasoning from Excallibur saesonings that is serviceable however.
    11. mike5051
      Hey Kevin! You okay with all this flooding?
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    August 22
    South Louisiana, on the Mississippi River
    Retired pedlar, have covered the Southeast, the So
    I am a grouch that really enjoys cooking from bread to desert to seafood to the pit!


    Known aliases "Foam", "Uncle Goldie", "Pooh Pah", "Kevin"
    OTBS #273
    Veterans: Thank you for your service. We honor your sacrifices. [​IMG]

    Electrics - Digital MES-30, MES-40, Analog Redi-Smok
    Pipe Pits - 8", 16", 24"
    LEM #12 Big Bite Grinder, LEM 5# stuffer, and jerky shooters
    Large and small Jambalaya Pots, Dutch Ovens, Gumbo Pots, Seafood Boilers
    Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition portable knife sharpener