Brisket Flat

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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
Jan 29, 2015
Chicago suburbs
The wife picked up a nice, little, 3-lb Prime brisket flat on sale a couple of days ago, so I figured since we'd have decent weather today to go ahead. Last night I trimmed minimally, slicked her down with Worcestershire sauce, injected with beef broth & marinaded it overnight.

This morning, hit it with my homemade rub, got the smoker up to temp & put it in about 30 minutes ago.

Making me hungry already and it's only 9:30.
Thanks, I get that same feeling when I first smell that smoke myself.
So....It'll be ready this after noon? What sides do I need to bring?

This one's cooking nice & fairly quick so far. Just hit 161 after 2.5 hours., but it's smaller than I usually cook so she'll be ready by mid-afternoon or so. Beans and/or cornbread would be good- your call!
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