Smoked Rib Roast

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Jun 13, 2017
Northeast Ohio
Found a few years old rib roast in the freezer when organizing a few days ago. I bought them at $4.99 a lbs and remember vacuum packing quite a few. It's cold and windy out so just put it in th Smokin Tex. I injected it with a mix of extra strong Minors beef broth with some Worcestershire and just a touch of liquid smoke. I know heresy lol but it sure enhances the smoke flavor deeper in the meat. Again being lazy I just hit it with some Montreal Steak seasoning and a little powdered horseradish. Ran the smoker at its max of 250F with a few small chunks of mesquite. Pulled at 140F, was going to reverse sear but I thought the bark looked good as is. Nothing fancy as I said but pretty dang tasty for a freezer find 😂
Yum. Why wouldn't you call that fancy? I could eat that every day all while listening to the doc complain about my cholesterol numbers...
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I'd hit it! Twice!
Yessir always

I'll take a slice with a little horsey sauce on the side please.
I do love horsey with it

Wow....welp, my plate is served.....not sure what you're gonna eat.....LOL!!!!
Ha I'll have some of the tri tip then. It finished early and I didn't do pics

That sure looks good. I need to cook one soon.
Thanks! I've put this one off long time. I have a huge one in the other freezer.

That looks delicious. 👌

I'd hit what ever John and the others left! Look great.

Thanks Jim,

Dayum Jeff that looks incredible. How was the injection did it overpower the meat at all?
Thanks John. Not over powering at all. Just enhances the beefiness with a hint of smoke deeper than the bark. I usually inject the same in my briskets

Man that's nice . That strip of cap meat is the best part . So tender .
Thanks Rich! Yea man that is so tender

Oh yeah! Looks great! Send a slice this way if you can.
Thanks, I have plenty left!

Yum. Why wouldn't you call that fancy? I could eat that every day all while listening to the doc complain about my cholesterol numbers...
thanks, just no fancy plate.

Beautiful crust. I always think of Bearcarver when I smoke a rib roast.
Thanks! Same here he sure loved doing prime rib.

Looks great Jeff. I love freezer diving.
Thanks! Yep it's like a treasure hunt lol
Well Jeff if that is the best you can do with an old freezer find.......... needle scratch across the record...........

You know that is a fantastic looking piece of meat right there. ( picture worth a thousand words )
More then fancy enough for me . little mashed spuds and gravy, I would be off to dream land.

Very nice Jeff

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Looks great from here, I have a small 1 we bought at Christmas think 5-6lbs, hope it comes out looking as good of yours.
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