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  1. hunter rose

    Brisket for the WIN!

    Loving the flavor... lately, I have stopped using the Texas crutch. I've been pellet smoking lately, so starting with low temps (190) to get more smoke, then up to 250 once I hit 160ish IT. Every so often I am adding a little spritz and additional sprinkles of my rub.
  2. shawnermctasty

    How much Brisket to feed 150 people?

    Hello, My friend is looking to have his wedding catered with BBQ Brisket and was asking me how many briskets would be needed to feed 150 people. Any thoughts? I made a 14 Lb. brisket a last summer that fed at least 8 people when cut in full width slices if I recall correctly. I know this could...
  3. NeedsToBeJustRight

    Same Story - Chewy Brisket, Broken soul

    First post - but hopefully tales of success in the future. This was my third attempt at a brisket. I have been buying small flats at Harris Teeter trying to hone my skill before cooking anything bigger. This time around I found half a choice flat, which may have been my first mistake, but when...
  4. B

    Masterbuilt Dual Fuel temp and smoke control question

    Ok, so I'm new to smoking. I got the Masterbuilt dual fuel and smoked a brisket (flat...Maybe 5 lbs). Turned out tasty but a little heavy on the smoke. What is the best way to control how heavily smoked the meat gets? Is there a method to using the lower and upper vents? Should I leave them...
  5. G

    Need some helpful hints for my next beef brisket on pellet grill

    Hey guys, I'm new to the smoking world...been grilling for years, but smoking is new to me. I recently acquired a Pit Boss Pellet 8 in 1 smoker/grill. I tried smoking a 15 lb (pre-trimmed weight) beef brisket last weekend @ 225* degrees, with some success, but I was really surprised at how...
  6. cansmoke

    A gift

    We received a call this morning that a client had a package for me. I headed out to his shop and was presented with a 13 lb. bone-in brisket. Thank you very much. He has a stall at a farmer's market and there is a butcher shop in the next stall. We've cut it into two pieces as about 5 lb is...
  7. M

    Free Wood!!!

    https://flic.kr/p/22TQXsb This is wood a guy is giving to me for free but before I get it I would like to know what type wood it is and if it is worth getting to smoke meat on? I can have all of the wood, but is it worth it. It would solely be for smoking meat. Thanks
  8. miaoreo

    Cold Weather Brisket on a pellet Grill

    Well after exhaustive reading and researching, I decided to do my Christmas brisket on Xmas Eve... Barring the circumstance of it not getting done in time, outside Temp has dropped to 31° with a wind chill in the 20's ... I have plenty of refrigerator space to keep it until dinner time and...
  9. P

    Brisket, best value, best cut or easiest?

    Went to HEB and picked up a brisket to smoke tomorrow and while looking around, I noticed that there were three options. 1: best value Packer brisket, not trimmed at all for $1.96/lb 2: best cut Packer brisket, not trimmed, but USDA Prime 1 cut for $2.99/lb 3: easiest Packer brisket, trimmed...
  10. FourVanks

    What are your Thoughts?? - Injecting a Brisket with It's Own Liquid Fat

    Hey Ya'll... Just looking for your thoughts on my last brisket cook. I trimmed the fat off, cooked it down, then injected the flat with that fat. The full video of the whole cook is listed below: Let me know your thoughts on this technique, please. It really was a fun cook!
  11. waltiti

    QUESTION... internal temperature for super tender meat, but...

    Hi guys, I'm new. I have a gas vertical smoker, and I use the gas in minimum because I like to use wood chunks or half size logs, gas burn the logs and make a little fire, I like cherry for a mild smoke, like to keep the smoker in 250, and I use a big water pan to prevent direct fire. At...
  12. JohnnySunnn

    Brisket Flat Collagen?

    Hi guys! I am somewhat new to smoking in California. I recently bought a Weber Kettle (GREEN IS SICK) with a Slow n Sear. I have done brisket twice now and I feel like I have done all the right things. Trimmed it nice, smoked about 13 hours at around 230, and brought it to an IT temp of about...
  13. K

    My first smoker

    I have a Masterbuilt 20050211 Black Propane Smoker, 40-Inch Ariving on Monday. The goal is to use it for turkey day. I thought id try out the 2 proteins im planning on doing for thanksgiving prior to the day. Turkey and brisket I just came along these boards, and have been hearing great...
  14. S

    Thank you to all participating in brisket threads!!!

    On Wednesday I told my wife I wanted to try smoking a brisket for the weekend (1st one ever). She promptly invited 4 other couples for lunch and then 3 other couples for supper all on Saturday. I was a little panicked. I started searching for recipes, then came across this forum. I am so glad I...
  15. dap9

    Brisket problem: temp drop

    Using a WSM 22.5”. Cooking at 250 Fahrenheit I got a 14lb packer and separated the point and flat prior to cooking. Never did that before, but I think I did a decent job. I’m done my burnt ends based on a recipe from HowtoBBQright and I think that will be perfect. My issue is with the...
  16. msstatedawg

    Am I doing this right?

  17. dap9

    Brisket burnt ends: separate point/flat before cook?

    I’m doing a 14lb brisket and some ribs on my 22.5” WSM this weekend. Gonna try my hand at some burnt ends. Malcom at HowToBBQRight.com has a YouTube vid where he separates the point and flat and cooks them individually. This makes sense because you can get rub on the entire point for the whole...
  18. M

    Chili with Sirloin and Smoked Brisket (No Beans)

    Last year I made a fantastic chili with top sirloin and leftover smoked brisket. It was a (only very slightly) bastardized version of a recipe I had stumbled across on the interwebs; my modifications were essentially the addition of diced fire roasted tomatoes and some tomato paste, plus some...
  19. froman524

    What's better for chili?

    I plan on smoking either a brisket flat or a chuck roast to put in a chili? What do you think is better? What temp should I cook them to for cubing (don't want shredded). Any other advice for using a smoked meat in chili? Thanks
  20. chilerelleno

    Big Brisket Flat & BBQ Beans

    Stopped by Sam's Club to check out the meat selections. Found Choice Angus brisket for $4.77 per lb whole or flat and Select for $4.44 per lb. They only had one whole brisket left, a big 25 pounder that had a good feel too it, but a considerable bit of fat. Too much even trimmed up for a party...
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