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Plan to smoke Pork Cushion and Brisket at the same time


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Hello! New guy here so please forgive me if posting in the wrong place.

It's my son's 21st birthday tomorrow and I offered to make him the best smoked bbq feast! I have a packer brisket which I've cooked before so all good there, but I'm also going to do pulled pork with a Pork Cushion and this is where my questions lie (couldn't get a pork butt on the small island I live in). I've done my fair share of research but would like to post my plan so that the experts here can please let me know if it's a recipe for disaster or if sounds doable:

- I will smoke only the Point of the brisket at 240 until it reaches 165 internal temp, then wrap it and increase smoker temp to 250 until it reaches 205 internal temp.
- The cushion is about 12-14 pounds, so I'm thinking it will take a bit longer than my brisket. I was planning on wrapping when it reaches 145 internal temp and let it reach 200-205.

My 2 questions (in addition to any comments/suggestions you may have for me!):

1. How many more hours than the brisket point do you think the pork cushion will take?
2. Is it better to start them both at the same time, or to start with the pork cushion and after a couple of hours put in the point? (this seems like more work!).

Thank you so much in advance!!!


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First of all I hope you got plenty of cold ones on hand for your son. Happy BIG 21!

Sounds like you have a pretty good plan. I would start them out at the same time. Hard to give you an exact timeframe since every piece of meat is different and I have never cooked a cushion before but I would think both meats would be done fairly close to the same time at the same temp and both wrapped. Could be wrong but just my opinion.


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Ya ^^^^^what he said! If brisket finishes first then wrap it in old towels and into a cooler...will stay warm for hours. Good luck and happy birthday to your son! Mine just turned 21 in May.


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