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  1. Misplaced Nebraskan

    Piedmontese Brisket - Low and Slooooooh my goodness!

    G'Morning Y'all! I finally got around to cooking up a brisket line that I was lucky enough @tx smoker introduced to me - Piedmontese Beef. This was also one of the most stubborn briskets I've done to date! :emoji_laughing: Cook Details: Date: 11/26/19 Meat: Piedmontese Packer Brisket...
  2. Rendr

    Brisket rescue!!!

    First time doing brisket. it's a 16-pound prime packer. I trimmed, rubbed, and sweat it for an hour at 2:30 am and I put it on at 3:30 am. The plan was low and slow at 225 for at least 13-14 hours. I checked it at 6 hours to spray with apple cider vinegar and the fat wasn't rendering much and it...
  3. U

    Oven cooking brisket after wrapping

    Hi all, I’m a newbie to smoking but I’ve bought a Traeger Pro 22 Electric pellet smoker and am loving learning how to make delicious meals. I recently attempted my first ever brisket (only 6lb) and had a heart stopping 4 hour stall at 160F after wrapping it in butchers paper (it actually lost 10...
  4. N

    Partial Smoked Brisket then to Chili

    Hey i was looking to see if it is possible to do a few hours of smoke on a brisket pull it off and then slice and cube it and throw it into a chili. I know most people say just cook it all the way through but im not going to hit and food danger zones due to pulling it off and throwing it into a...
  5. sailingcal21

    Brisket to Wrap or Not to Wrap that is the question?

    I've had reasonable success with my briskets by smoking until 165; then foil wrapping until reaching 200-ish. Not real happy with the bark result so want to try taking her all the way past 200 with no wrapping. My smoker is a Masterbuilt Pro, seasoned with some off the shelf Terry Black's Beef...
  6. HickorySmokeryDock

    Smokin and Jokin Time - Hello There!

    Hello fellow carnivores and omnivores, Just found your site yesterday when I was trying to figure out what to do with the leftover fat from trimming a 4 lb competition brisket. This was my third smoke on a brand new WSM18 and she performed well, hovering on a 250F for 7 hours or so... It...
  7. HempKnight

    My First Brisket

    Hey guys on my way in from work I picked up a 15 pound Packer brisket from Walmart for around $47. I know they probably don't have the best meat but unfortunately I am on a budget. I watched Aaron Franklin's YouTube video on how to trim and prepare the brisket and followed his steps closely. I...
  8. Cj7851

    First brisket

    Preparing to do my first brisket tomorrow. I've done quite a bit of research feeling pretty confident. However, I do have one problem I have a small MES 35 and the brisket doesn't quite fit. My thought is to trim down the and possibly make burnt ends with it. So I guess the question is does...
  9. S

    I took an hour nap as usual...

    But i over slept, it was 3 hours, and the brisket i was smoking at 200-225 might have hit temp, but now it's back down at 165, I've got it in oven now at 275 wrapped in PBP How long should I keep it in oven and check temp? 3 hours? Thanks in advance
  10. D

    Smoked Brisket with Jeff's Maple BBQ Glaze

    I am about to smoke my first brisket. I came across Jeff's recipe for Smoked Ribs with Maple BBQ Glaze as well as his recipe for Smoked Maple Barbecue Turkey. I am wondering if this Maple BBQ Glaze would be good for a brisket as well? All comments welcome and appreciated! Thanks
  11. S

    Delicious Double Briskets from 4th of July!

    So, I decided that brisket must be had for the 4th of July, and with about 15 ppl coming over, I needed to ensure leftovers so I opted for two since they were almost identical in weight @ 15# and 14.92# and less than 10% trim loss. I used the most coarse setting on my pepper grinder and did 1...
  12. D

    Brisket and Pork Shoulder on WSM

    Hi all, Newbee here... both in terms of posting here and WSM user! Got a 47cm (18.5") WSM yesterday and seasoned in with a hot clean burn. Planning on cooking a 4KG (8.8lb) packer brisket cut (more flat than point) on top shelf and a 3KG (6.6lb) Pork shoulder on the lower shelf of the WSM...
  13. R

    Newbie Masterbuilt Smoker

    hey everyone, I happen to find this forum and was looking for some advice on smoking a brisket. Here is the situation so far. I purchased a 16.28 lbs beef brisket and seasoned it and then cut it in half since it wouldn’t fit in the smoker I have (Masterbuilt MES 130B digital electric smoker)...
  14. slimc

    2 pork shoulders, 1 brisket and some wings

    Check out my super cook, 2 pork shoulders, 1 brisket and some wings http://therandomthoughtproject.com/2019/06/bbq-super-cook/
  15. Mffl84

    First brisket (sorry in advance for the length)

    What's up guys!? Been a while since I have been around...had my first kid a couple months ago, so life has been changing! It has been great though... I wanted to detail my first brisket cook for you guys and see what your thoughts are on what I need to do differently. I will try to be as clear...
  16. R

    Is Red meat bad for your health?

    Beef offers high amounts of protein per serving, but researchers say that eating too much red meat, such as bacon and hot dogs, has been linked to health issues. Can you guys suggest any alternative for beef. I personally love beef
  17. webs05

    first dry aged brisket

    First off thanks to this site and the many posts out here. Reading through these forums is what produced this end result of amazing beef. And I appreciate what this community does for the world of smoking. I think this brisket started around 14lbs. I followed Guga's (of Sous Vide Everything...
  18. Preacher Man

    Brisket - Nothing Fancy

    I have a really hard time trying to do anything fancy with a brisket. The meat is just so darn good with minimal intervention. Here's my basic brisket method: This time I started with a 15lbs certified angus beef brisket. Usually I shoot for smaller briskets because all I have right now is a...
  19. S

    16.4 lb brisket - prep is done

    Found this beauty today - 17.5 lbs at of the cryovac and trimmed to 16.4 lbs. Really nice grain - certified angus from local wholesaler - $3.31 per lb. Mixed up 1/2 cup coarse sea salt (prefer it to kosher), 1/2 cup coarse fresh ground pepper, and 2 tbls smoked spanish paprika. Rubbed the steer...
  20. D

    Does altitude affect "stall" time?

    Hi all, I'm new at smoking meat and have run into an issue. I have a GMG pellet smoker that seems to do a good job but twice now I have run into the dreaded "stall" issue. Once with pork shoulders and most recently with a brisket. In both cases the meat reached just shy of 200f and then...
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