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  1. TheGrumpyGriller

    Newbie Corned Beef Questions

    OK, so I've spent the better part of the morning looking at curing brisket for corned beef, smoking times etc. Now that my head has stopped spinning from all of what I've read, here are my questions :) It looks like Pop's brine is a great start, but I would then also add the "pickling spices"...
  2. softmeat

    Leftover brisket burgers

    I had some leftover brisket from the other day, but none of us were in the mood for another dish of brisket. With the leftovers, I cut it thick, heated it then shredded it. Mixed it in with a couple pounds of ground beef, added a little spice and made burger patties. Tossed them on the grill...
  3. M

    Brisket Brined for PASTRAMI Question

    Hi All .... Here's the deal .... New NEW Newbie on here ... So am learning how this all works. From Northern Canada ... I've been smoking for about 5 yrs now - Started with a little Bradley Kettle Smoker - Then onto an Oklahoma Joe and Bradley 6 rack digital. I use both the latest ones now...
  4. ex-vegetarian

    Smoking in cold weather

    Hi, I’m new here (obviously) and just had a question about smoking a brisket in roughly 30 degree weather. I don’t have an insulated blanket, so I know it’ll use more pellets, was just curious if anyone could tell me about how much longer it might take. I have a lower end z grill (450) pellet...
  5. B

    second brisket

    thanks to jcam222 for sending me Nat The Cat Dirt Rub and inspiring me to go to Restaurant Depot where they had halal brisket in the "oops, quick sale!" section for half price. $1.48/lb cannot be refused... so I bought 2! I did a couple of hours in smoke (pecan) including one spritz. I then...
  6. D

    Would like to smoke a 4.5 pound cut brisket

    Hi there Got this 2kg/4.5lb piece of brisket. Is it still possible to smoke it, with favourable results or am I wasting my time and can't be done. If smoking is a possibility, any links or advice other then the recommended smoking methods would be greatly appreciated. Happy new year!
  7. B

    Botched My Brisket

    I’m sure you’ve heard it all before but just need to vent get my panic out before I pull the brisket off. I can’t help but think I’ve botched my brisket. Started off with a 14lbs full packer and definitely cut out way too much fat. Did a mustard smear and probably used too much mustard. Planned...
  8. B

    Brisket in cold rain and snow – what stole my heat?

    Hoping the experts here can help me understand what went wrong and how I can adjust for it in the future. It was low 30’s outside, and for much of the day there was a rain and snow mix coming down. 7lb brisket flat went into the smoker @ 5:00AM – set at 250 degrees. (Masterbuilt 20051311...
  9. disco

    PIA Brisket

    Settle in and pour a beverage. This is a long one. It is a step by step for my PIA Brisket. For those of you who don’t know my terminology, PIA stands for Pain in the Pants. I use it for dishes that are more work than I want to do every day, but that do improve the result. Here is my PIA...
  10. R

    Brisket Flat

    I am smoking a 8.5 lb brisket flat this weekend. I know it is important to to do the probe test to determine if it is done, however, we are eating at 3 pm so I am trying to figure out what time I should put the brisket flat on the smoker. Roughly how long will it take to smoke a 8.5 lb brisket...
  11. G

    Using a Small Grill to smoke a Brisket

    Hello. I'm new here so I'm not entirely sure where to ask this question, so forgive me if I have misplaced it. I'm a college student on a budget, and currently own a small drum-style charcoal grill that I primarily use on my tailgate for weekend cookouts and whatnot. I've wanted to do some...
  12. Brokenhandle

    Two bacons and brisket

    Was time for more bacon, but gonna change it up a bit...so pork bacon, beef bacon, and a brisket! Start with the pork, cured with tenderquick following @Bearcarver method cold smoked with pitmasters choice pellets. Belly going in Time for some tbs... Had about 8 hours of smoke, time...
  13. B

    Rolled Brisket

    I had my second ever go at smoking a rolled brisket from Costco! Unrolled it, rubbed it, smoked for 8 hours, in an offset smoker. wrapped it and cooked for another 4 hours. The taste and bark on it were delicious and incredible, but I'd love to get it a little softer, and add a bit more jiggle...
  14. BBQBakas

    FAIL: 17-pound brisket - what did I do wrong?

    Just joined SMB after almost 10 years of coming to the forum and getting advice. I've been smoking meat since 2009 and have learned a lot from this site. I started with a $75 upright wood smoker from Home Depot, then graduated to a Camp Chef pellet smoker from 2014-2019. This year I stepped up...
  15. mng024

    Burnt Ends from Packer Brisket -- Can I hold entire brisket for a few hours then separate to make burnt ends?

    As the title states, curious about holding my brisket and then separating point and flat to make burnt ends. Will be starting the brisket around 1AM Sat Morning to ensure it is ready in time for dinner Saturday. As you all know, the time can fluctuate immensely and the last brisket I did like...
  16. chopsaw

    Had an idea while grinding a brisket .

    I was grinding a nice choice brisket .I have 3 no roll in the freezer . Grabbed the wrong one . This one was really flexible and tender out of the bag . As I was cutting I had a couple pieces that just seemed to need attention in another way . So I culled them out and saved them from the grinder...
  17. psdcarlos

    Smoked Brisket on Traeger

    I’m 12 hours into my cook today. Smoking is seriously one of the most entertaining things. This is my second brisket but have smoked a few hundred ribs and around 50 pork shoulders. Every time feels like a first, and the process is always a new lesson and challenge. Grilling is something that...
  18. chopsaw

    Choice brisket . Nice marbling

    Been buying briskets to grind . Most of them are no roll , with thin flats . Got one a couple weeks ago . Nice and thick . Really flexible . No way I'm grinding this one . Start trimming and was surprised at the marbling on this . A really nice piece of meat . Good color and tender . 13 plus...
  19. Amencos

    Plan to smoke Pork Cushion and Brisket at the same time

    Hello! New guy here so please forgive me if posting in the wrong place. It's my son's 21st birthday tomorrow and I offered to make him the best smoked bbq feast! I have a packer brisket which I've cooked before so all good there, but I'm also going to do pulled pork with a Pork Cushion and...
  20. derrikmo

    Brisket safety

    My wife brought home a 16lb Prime cryovac brisket from HEB a few weeks ago which we never got around to smoke. The "Sell By" date is Aug 25,2020. It has been in our secondary refrig ever since then at 38 degrees. I was thinking about keeping it past that date and doing it for Labor Day...
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