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  1. S

    Where to put my brisket?

    I have an MPS with two racks. I am doing a packer brisket for the 4th. Which rack do I put it on? I also plan on doing some ribs either after the brisket is done or toward the end. Can I Add the ribs in at the end on the other rack?
  2. Suam461

    I did a brisket!

    So this past week I asked my husband to pick out something for me to smoke for dinner, thinking he would choose ribs or something similar. Instead he chose a brisket and it was only 3lbs, so I was worried that it wouldn’t smoke well. Usually those small ones are too trimmed down. After reading...
  3. beef_chief

    First Brisket Q-view

    Had a separate thread where I got some great advice about smoking my first brisket. Got it trimmed and rubbed this morning and on the smoker around 8:10 where the smoker was 279 and brisket was 44. I’m using the snake method with cherry wood in my Weber kettle, hoping a 2x2 + 1 on top will keep...
  4. beef_chief

    Plan for First Brisket

    So far I've only smoked 5 racks of pork spare ribs over a couple of smokes. But I'm jumping to brisket this Saturday per the request of my dad for our Father's Day celebration. I picked up a 15 lb packer at Sams, and have come up with a game-plan based on various threads and articles on here...
  5. banjo

    Brisket: Pit-Boss 820D, Savannah Stoker controller

    I've been smoking meat, primarily pork shoulder, since 1989. During that time, I got quite good at pork, but my brisket was never righteous.....until today! On my Pit-Boss 820D, using the Savannah Stoker controller: Pit-Boss pro blend pellets (consumed about 1 *RC per hour) 14.5 # brisket...
  6. pelletfire

    Seeking advice on improving my brisket cook

    I recently cooked a whole packer brisket, and it turned out OK, but not great. I'd like to hear thoughts from the group here and recommendations for how I can do better next time. General info: Brisket was 11.32 lb prime from Costco. Trimmed almost all of the fat, but made sure flat and point...
  7. D

    Smoked brisket for dummies

    Hi there. My name is David (Somerset, England) and I'm new to hot smoking. I have grilled for a while on charcoal and gas but I'm totally new to smoking having only just acquired a 18.5 inch Weber Smokey Mountain. I'm breaking my duck with a flat brisket when we have friends over in two...
  8. J

    Smoking Advice - Char Griller Smokin Pro

    I have a smokin pro, and looking to do my second smoke in a few weeks. I am planning to smoke a 13# brisket, 8# pork butt, two racks of baby backs, and four kielbasa links. Do y’all think i can fit it all and smoke all at once, or should I do brisket and pork butt day before, and ribs and...
  9. T

    Hello Smokin’ Smokers from Oakland, CA

    Hi All, I’m new to SMF and it looks like a great community! I am originally from Texas but now live in Oakland, CA. Just got an Oklahoma Joe offset smoker and today will be only my 3rd official smoke (although I did smoke a brisket once on my charcoal Weber dome). I’m still a novice, so any...
  10. L


    Been about 7.5 for a 4-4.5 pound Point. Temp is 200 or so...but still the larger end does not have that butter poke with my skewer...the front part does....should I keep it in till the whole brisket has that butter poke? The second one isnt even close...ha...I hate briskets finicky nature...
  11. T

    Danger Zone Brisket

    Good morning. While smoking a brisket, I checked it at 730 and the temperature was >145, I set my alarm for another hour and a half. I check it and the pellets quit feeding. The meat temp was 133. I quickly restarted the smoker and brought the temp above 140. Is it still safe to eat?
  12. Norm Kopesky @ CBM

    New BBQ restaurant in the works

    Good morning Wisconsin, My brother and I are spooling up for a restaurant space, we have farted around making central Texas style bbq for a couple years now and thought we would give it a go. We are currently running (1) 500 gallon homemade offset stick burner and (1) 1000 gallon homemade offset...
  13. D

    Rolled beef brisket

    Hi all, i planned to try some brisket tomorrow. But the only Brisket I could get my hands on was a rolled piece. The butcher said it was thin so they roll it. After cutting to about the length I think my grill is I have a 1.8kg piece. So how do I handle this for a smoke?. Obviously most of...
  14. C

    Flavor Compliments to Dry Rubbed Smoked Meats

    I recently had BBQ from a family members trailer smoker. He travels to TX quite a bit and has been working on the perfect dry rubbed ribs and brisket. I do believe he has it down well, with the brisket pull apart tender, but moist. That said, I am troubled by what feels like an unbalanced...
  15. banjo

    What's your favorite temperature for smoking brisket?

    This is a poll, so select from list above! I'll be smoking some brisket soon on my pellet smoker (Pit Boss 820D) and wondered what your favorite temperature for smoking brisket might be. For some reason, the poll closed itself while I was creating, and the 'edit' isn't letting me do anything...
  16. banjo

    What's your favorite method for smoking brisket?

    This a poll, so select from list above! Franklin, of Franklin's BBQ in Austin TX, recommends the use of butcher paper in smoking brisket. I bought some butcher paper a while back, and intend to use it soon in smoking brisket. I've never used the butcher paper before, just leaving my brisket...
  17. banjo

    What is your favorite wood for Brisket?

    This is a poll! So select from list! I have only smoked brisket a few times, and when I did, it was never as good as some of the good local restaurants. I live in N. Georgia, and we've got some good pork BBQ places, but only a few that know how to cook brisket. Moonie's BBQ, in Flowery...
  18. SmokinAl


    I was in Sam's a few days ago & they had Prime packers. This is the first time they have ever had them. I sure hope that this is something that they are going to carry from now on. Boy what a difference in Choice & Prime. Anyhow here is this guy, over 19#. I separated the point & flat &...
  19. M

    smoked tri tip just like brisket

    Let me start with why, on occasion, i smoke tri tip like a brisket instead of just smoking a brisket. I know tri tip is not easily found in most parts, but here in Southern California you can pick it up at just about any grocery store. Brisket is more difficult to find (but getting easier)...
  20. C

    Split Smoke?

    So a friend asked me about a split smoke. He has a semi-small catering gig but he works full time (two jobs) and is worried that he isn't going to be able to do this gig. He asked me if I had ever done a split smoke, meaning smoke for 6 hours day one, then let it rest and get it cold quickly...
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