Rib Roast Day

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mr mac

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Oct 19, 2009
Doniphan MO
Beef. It's what's for dinner. For now, it's just chilling. Lots of rain in the forecast, but has never stopped me.
that's a beautiful chunk of meat! Medium rare please with sides of mashed taters and roasted potatoes...i hate tough decisions! :emoji_blush:

That is one god looking PR. It would be a sacrilege to take it any farther than med/rare. We prefer rare. Looking forward to the finale!
Homemade Montreal steak seasoning and I'll let it sit a spell. And for the offspring that cannot eat cow...

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You cook it any way you want and I would be happy with a plate of it, rare well done to over done doesn't make any difference if its good imo, Had great food fixed a lot of ways and can tell you any final temp don't ruin the meal imo the method and flavor profile determines the final out come.
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Well...we had quite the wind/rain storm just as the roast was set on the grates! I had the KJ at 500 degrees to start the process and it dropped like a stone to just under 200. I did manage through it, but the meat ended a touch dry on the end cap. The rest was actually fine though a touch over medium rare. Mind you...my belly is full! :)
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