prime rib

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  1. F

    Burger Meat Ratio

    Hello, I'm going to be making my own ground meat for burgers! My thought is to use a mix of Ribeye, Prime Rib, and Baby-Back Rib meat. What would YOU suggest as the best ratio for the meats? I love my burgers to be as rich and juicy as possible. Was considering doing 2 parts Ribeye 1 part...
  2. GrumpyGriller

    2, 4, or 6 Ends - What do you prefer?

    I have an 18lb. boneless prime rib that I am making for my wife's birthday on Sunday. I am trying to decide if I should leave it as one piece to get 2 end pieces, split it half for 4, or split it into thirds to get 6? Personally, I like the extra flavor on the end, though they of course cook...
  3. thirdeye

    Boneless Prime Rib

    My Kroger store had a special for national prime rib day, so I picked up a 3# roast. I used a coating of Minor's AuJus Prep (liquid) along with some Head Country Marinade (2 teaspoons). The rub is Slap Yo Daddy Beef Moola. A 2-hour indirect cook, low and slow, brought the internal up to 128°
  4. MJB05615

    Prime Rib Fajitas on Blackstone

    Greetings All. This is my first Blackstone posting. We had Prime Rib Sunday, and when it hit 110' IT, we sliced off some of the outer pieces to store for Fajitas tonight. I don't use the Blackstone as much as I'd like, but hoping to increase that. Here's some Red and Yellow Bell Peppers and...
  5. K

    Save my prime rib

    Had an emergency and had to take our 9 lb prime rib off the smokers 2 hours in. Meat temp was 64 at that time. Put in in the fridge and bolted to the hospital. Help, of course this was my 1st time smoking a prime rib.
  6. disco

    Fall Prime Rib

    I rarely get a prime rib. They just cost too much. However, I was in the supermarket and they had them on sale. I pried my wallet open and went for it! I started by making six slits in the top of the roast. I slivered a garlic clove and pushed the slices into the slits. I gave the roast a...
  7. mr mac

    Rib Roast Day

    Beef. It's what's for dinner. For now, it's just chilling. Lots of rain in the forecast, but has never stopped me.
  8. S

    Prime rib 2-ways

    Prime Rib two ways: oven roasted and smoked. 1st one completed on Christmas, second one completed last night for dinner with friends (FriendsMas?) Whatever itscalled isn't important right now. What is important, at least to me is the "why" and "how." First, the meat. Nothing extravagant, I...
  9. dirtsailor2003

    Prime Rib PartyQ test #2

    The other day when I was looking for space in the freezer for the bacon I smoked I found a vac packed Prime rib hanging out. Decided I might as well pull it out and give the PartyQ another run. Marinated in Dales Marinade, coated in SPOG. Ran Kingsford professional with a chunk of cherry and...
  10. ChuckEWil

    Easter Prime Rib.

    Doing this select prime rib for easter today. Didnt do enough research pre today. Bear’s thread should have been followed. Mistakes were made. We’ll see how it turns out.
  11. Preacher Man

    Pepper Crusted Prime Rib

    I love me some prime rib, but I've never eaten one smoked and I've never made one myself...'til now. Started with a 4.77 lbs rib roast (bone in) and diamond scored the top. I hit it with a layer of my fine grain SPOG and wrapped it up in saran wrap for an overnight spa treatment. The next...
  12. Bearcarver

    50th Wedding Anniversary—Prime Rib—Hickory Smoked (Panned)

    50th Wedding Anniversary—Prime Rib—Hickory Smoked (Panned) Well I Finally got there!! AMAZING!!! There has been many times I had doubts that I’d ever make it to this point, so every day is like Gravy to me! Our 50th Wedding Anniversary is actually on December 27th, but we decided to have our...
  13. D

    Thanksgiving Smoking: Turkey and Prime Rib

    Hey All, Long time reader, first time posting. Sorry for posting a new thread if a similar question existed already, but I couldn't find one. For this years Thanksgiving I am going to attempt a 22 pound whole turkey and a 10 pound boneless prime rib. I have a WSM18. I have done each of these...
  14. un4gvn1

    Sous vide Prime Rib, it's what was for Thanksgiving

    This is a write-up I posted over in the BBQ (etc) section on Jeepforum of a cook I did for Thanksgiving last year. I did another for Christmas for the other side of the family. Both were very well received. I've simply copy-n-pasted the post and repaired one image link. Sorry if this is any...
  15. Scott Eisenbraun

    Prime Rib - Low & Slow?

    Cooking a 6.5lb bone in prime rib today for out of state relatives. (My old fishing and hunting partner) I have always done prime rib in the house oven at 325f. I have decided to use my Yoder pellet smoker this time for a different take on this special piece of meat. Used the search bar for...
  16. marvinonme

    Super Bowl Prime Rib

    Mustard rub made with plain French's yellow mustard and Prime Rib rub, Blackened Saskatchewan from Traeger. Diced garlic sprinkled on top and garlic cloves stuffed in slits made in the meat. Seared at 650+ on the Hibachi (about 2.5 minutes per side) and finished on the Traeger at 325 until...
  17. hunter rose

    Triceratops Turds

    I'm calling these "Triceratops Turds." That is pretty much what they look like coming off the smoker. They are two chuck steaks that I trimmed, rolled and trussed. They then were in a Sous Vide meat bath for 45 hours, then an ice bath. I then re-seasoned it and put it on the smoker for 3 hours...
  18. tropics

    Prime Rib with Stuffed Mushrooms

    This is one of my best Prime Ribs ever,sorry to say it was done in the oven. Temperature Not getting above zero because of the wind.These old bones can't do it any more. Prime Rib sitting on a bed of Celery Carrots Mushrooms ready to stuff Blue Cheese Stuffing mix Extra Mushrooms...
  19. D

    Prime Rib on GMG

    Hey all! I’ve been coming here for tips on and off for awhile but finally registered so I can comment. I recently purchased a Green Mountain Grill and upgraded from my chest type. I’m picking up my Prime cut bone in Prime Rib tomorrow-7lb cut and tied and injected. This will be my first prime...
  20. FXfromTX

    Critique my plan - First attempt at smoked prime rib

    I will be smoking prime rib for my employees who will be working Christmas day as well as a few of their family members. It will be my first time smoking prime rib. I'll just get it out of the way and say I know I am crazy to smoke 85 pounds of prime rib on my first time. Now that that is out of...