Labor Day Throwdown: Anything Goes Free-For-All

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Apr 14, 2013
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Yep, you read that correctly. A few months ago Chris ( gmc2003 gmc2003 ) and I discussed doing some interesting events to mix things up a bit for Summer. The rib TD turned out to be a fantastic event and this one stands to beat it out by a mile. We've been trying to come up with ideas that can involve more people with things they are comfortable with. This one should open the door for every forum member to do what they do best, showcase it, and stand a chance at bringing home some of the bacon. As the title states, this is an anything and everything event. You can do aardvark, duck billed platypus, anteater, armadillo on the half shell, or the reptile of your choice. Heck, you can also do beef, pork, lamb, poultry, pizza, etc....The idea is to give everybody an opportunity to create something that's in their wheelhouse. I can only imagine what may be coming :emoji_laughing:

Rules remain the same: send one pic of your creation to me and it must be sent via PM. You'll need to include a brief description of your entry so as not to leave me guessing :emoji_wink: The code word "Labor Day" must be included in your pic written on a piece of paper and evident. As we continue to dial these in, I'd like to ask one more favor. When you send me your pic, please send it in the full sized format. When thumbnails are sent they are much too small to convey well when posted for voting and we want you to have the best chance possible of winning. The caveat for this one is that the main protein in your entry must be grilled or smoked in some capacity. As much as we want to mix things up for you all, we are also trying to stay true to our roots.

Here are the official rules for the events:

Once again we have an incredible offering of prizes. First place in the forum vote will receive a $100 gift card from Porter Road.

The second place winner in the forum poll will receive their choice of three prizes donated by lil' ol' me. Same as last round but for good reason, a different prize was chosen so these will remain for this event.


Something I don't believe has been stated previously is the criteria that the judges are required to critique when voting for the entries. The three categories they must judge on are degree of difficulty, originality / creativity, and plating / presentation. I'm letting y'all know this so you can better plan your final plate that will be submitted for voting.

You are not gonna believe what Certified Piedmontese Beef has offered up for this one as the 1st place prize in the Judge's Vote. The mother of all least thus far. Joe has offered up a 5# standing rib roast, a 5# boneless striploin roast, a Picanha roast, and a Tri Tip roast. Somebody is gonna be eating REALLY well folks!! It may also be an opportunity for somebody to get a cut that they are not able to get where they live, which just adds to the allure. This makes me somewhat want to resign as a committee member so I can get into the fracas :emoji_astonished:

Here is the link to CPB if anybody wants to check them out or take a look at what is being offered as prizes.

I'm gonna mix things up a bit more here. If we get 20 or more entries, I will offer this up as a 2nd place prize in the Judge's voting. Hopefully some deserving person will have a use for it:

WOW!! What a couple of fantastic forum members. We have decided to add a new prize category with offerings from two great members of our community. This will be a "Judge's Choice" prize. Originally we were going to add them to an existing prize package but with the sheer volume of entries we're expecting as well as the record number of prizes, it made sense to create one more way for somebody to get in on the prizes. The judge for this will be picked from the forum membership by Chris ( gmc2003 gmc2003 ) and myself. As with all judges and judging, it will be totally anonymous. That judge will get to pick his/her favorite of all the entries, regardless of the outcome of the forum poll or the standard Judge's Vote, and that entry will win the prize. It may go to somebody who is not in the forefront of the voting or it may go to a person who is at the top of the list. Somebody might win something they otherwise would not have won or somebody could win two prize packages. Ya just never know :emoji_laughing: The "Judge's Choice" package will consist of an amazing Lodge CI skillet offered up by none other the Enabler in Chief himself Steve H Steve H

The second part of this prize will be offered by one of the most creative people I've seen here, our very good friend jcam222 jcam222 and it will be 2 or 3 bottles of his homemade fermented hot sauces.

Three cheers for these folks to step up and make this event even better than we ever imagined at the outset. Thanks a million guys!!

Alright....the deadline for submitting entries will be Sunday September 10th at midnight but can be sent in any time between now and then. That gives everybody about 5 weeks to work with so let's get those creative thinking caps on and show us some truly EPIC entries!! What say y'all?

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It's a Free For All folks. Lets get those creative juices flowing.

We even have a theme song for this one. The Nuge...

BTW Lets not forget to give the fattie some love'in when your thinking about your entry.

Oh have mercy!!! There is gonna be some great entries on this! Cant wait to see them.

Sounds like fun, I can't wait to see what ideas everyone comes up with...

No passing the buck on this one Jim and Charles. I'm hoping to see an entry from both of yous guys.
Exactly Chris!! If either of you wanna try a platter of fried chocolate covered scorpions, just let me know. I can send these little critters by the truckload :emoji_laughing: A little marshmallow cream on top might make for a really nice presentation.

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