February Throwdown: Chili, Soups, And Stews (Gonna Be Fun!!)

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I have no idea! They've brought many to the house... not a single one has been dead... just playing possum lol.

I've been told that alligator should taste like chicken by someone that has never eaten alligator (the person wanted a refund because it didn't).... Maybe possum tastes like alligator....LOL
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Don't want to say too much to jinx us but it isn't fun when they bring a skunk to the house after 10 pm and instead of bed time it's bath time.

That isnt fun at anytime! My buddies dog got it 3 times in 3 months. One of those situations that you leave them out before work and when you open the door to let them back in, they blow by you and go rub all over the carpet and furniture. Had to have the house professionally cleaned all 3 times......
It's Super Bowl Sunday, and I'm sure some folks have a good soup, stew or chili earmarked for their game day meal. Lets not forget about the wonderful throw-down currently going on.


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Well folks, two of the three weekends covering this TD have come and gone. One weekend left plus the remainder of this week. Let's get those entries put together and sent in. This is the best prize package we've ever had but there's no chance of getting in on some of them if you don't enter :emoji_wink:
Sunday vittles time at the house of Banjos.
Great pic Chris but that guy has a lot more teeth than Banjo Man :emoji_laughing:
I like a full bodied soup, butt this is ridiculous, ...... just saying
David my brother, that pic is just plain wrong.
ps: maybe should still be on the Carousal so newbies or folks that have been away are reminded.
I plan on reaching out to Brian and see if he'll put it back up on the spinner for the forthcoming final weekend.
Been thinking all day about making some whiskey soup when I get off of work!......Might have a bowl or two!
Heck, just make the soup and drink the whiskey. If you won't, I certainly will :emoji_astonished:

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