Thanksgiving throw-down theme: Leftovers

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Sep 15, 2012
With the thanksgiving holiday fast approaching. Robert and I thought it would be a great opportunity to combine the creative juices of our SMF extended family, and the copious amount of leftover food that will soon bestow their refrigerators. So with that being said - Ladies and gentleman may we present to you the Thanksgiving Holiday Leftovers Throw-down!!!


With this throw-down we're looking for creative ways to repurpose that leftover turkey and/or side dishes. Smoking and grilling are NOT requirements for this thrown-down. However, since this is a smoking meat forum. It may glean you added points in the judges eyes when it comes to voting if some portion of your entry is smoked.

Here is a link to the throw-down rules. Please read and become familiar with the rules to avoid any future disappointments.

Entries must be submitted by midnight Sunday December 3rd via a private message to Robert ( tx smoker tx smoker ). Any entries posted to the open forum, Roberts profile page, or to me will be automatically disqualified.

The codeword for this throw-down is: Leftovers, and must be included in your submission picture.

Now onto the Outstanding prize packages being offered:

First prize in the forum voting poll will win a $100.00 gift card from Porters Road.

The second place winner in the forum poll will receive their choice of a meat grinder, deep fryer or a table top griddle. Donated by our very own Robert.


First place winner in the committee voting will receive an exquisite gift pack from Piedmontese Beef. Consisting of 4 - 14oz boneless rib eye steaks, 4 - 10oz NY strip steaks, and 4 - 8oz flatiron steaks.

Second place winner in the committee voting will receive a spice mix package from our very own Keith ( indaswamp indaswamp ). Included in the package is enough spices to make 25lbs of his famous Cajun sausage, and 25lbs of his unbelievable Andouille sausage.

UPDATE 11.18.23

Due to the generosity of Steve ( Steve H Steve H ) and Jeff ( jcam222 jcam222 ) we are able to once again add the judges choice category to the Thanksgiving throw-down. The judges choice award is decided by a random anonymous forum member(chosen by Robert and myself), and the only criteria will be his or her favorite entry. They will not be privy to who entered what, or how the committee voted. The winner of the judges choice will receive a new Lodge cast iron 12" pan with a silicon grip, Along with an sampling of fabulous homemade hot sauces provided by our very own saucerer Jeff.


Disclaimer: Bottle in picture may not represent the actual hot sauce awarded as the prize.

Thank you so very much Steve H Steve H and jcam222 jcam222 for these very generous prize offerings.

Remember Please Read and Completely Understand the Rules.


Entries can be submitted anytime between now and December 3rd.

Good luck to all, and lets see those turkey-day leftovers put to good use.


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Won't be any leftovers in our house as we are cleaning out the fridge.
Sunday after Thanksgiving we will be leaving for 2 weeks.
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Bumping because of the Judges Choice prize addition.

WOW, There you go , what a great idea.
And my leftovers have already started to have a heavy green fuzz growing on them. ( above the 49 parallel thanksgiving lol )

And I hear the gravy sloshing around up there in my head already. lol

Green fuzz you say. Well lets just say that's a new Canadian seasoning. With your track record and skill set David I'm sure you'll come up with something. Maybe bacon wrapped gravy fries.
Won't be any leftovers in our house as we are cleaning out the fridge.
Sunday after Thanksgiving we will be leaving for 2 weeks.
Just take a few pics of what you do with the stuff in your fridge and submit it Bruce. You never know.
Hmmm.....Thinking of the menu for Thanksgiving and got the wheels turning on this one already!

Scary thought Jim, I know you'll come up with something fantastic.

I'm going to Golden Coral by myself after 4:00pm when the crowds clear out, so, I'm out! 😂
Will there be anything left at the buffet table?
Hmmmm.......this one ought to be interesting for sure!
Banking on it.
GC has to go boxes…….lol

I was thinking of that 😂

I was gonna say doggy bag . Be a great entry I bet .

Alright enough with the doggy bags/to go boxes. I see some little kid sneezing at the buffet table just under the protective screen. So be careful of any foods that glisten.

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