February Throwdown: Chili, Soups, And Stews (Gonna Be Fun!!)

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Just giving this thread a hump bump.

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Ok due to the "incredible interest", applications are going to be required to get a chance "be a valentine"....

Applications need to include "single un-edited picture" of your favorite "soup" "stew" or "chili" with the application code word "soup" "stew" or "chili" in display of your submitted picture. Applications of interested parties need to be submitted to tx smoker tx smoker via a private message so he can arrange for the soon to be chosen "valentine(s)" to be ranked by a number of qualified judges and popularity poll. Applications are due before midnight Sunday February 18th....
Figured I'd better bump this as time is drawing near.
Yep, Ryan is on the money here. This is the last weekend to get those entries in. We've gotten several, and a lot of them are from folks that have never entered before. We appear to be lacking entries from a a bunch of the mainstay folks who regularly enter. We will probably see a deluge of good stuff come in between today and tomorrow so get those plates and bowls of great stuff looking pretty, take a pic (with the code word included of course) and send it to me. You'll never get a chance to win any of the amazing prizes if you don't give a shot at an entry. We opened the door for lots of options and opportunities for this one so let's see the support for the admin team and our great sponsors by participating.

Weather here kinda sucks! Might as well make some chili or a soul warming concoction!
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One final bump for those folks that live on the West Coast.

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I’m not entering but just wanted to say that’s a stunning knife. Nice work bud. Somebody is gonna get a bad ass knife
Much appreciated Jake! I sure hope the soon to be new owner enjoys it! It was created to be used! I would love to see it in a pic of some sliced smoked protein or maters in its new home!
WOW!! The deadline for entering was last night. I was starting to get a bit disappointed with the participation but all of a sudden y'all came through. What a great turnout we had for this one. We were not really sure how many entries to expect, but boy oh boy, this one is gonna be a ton of fun when the voting starts. I have a ton of work to catch up on today but I'll get the voting poll posted early tomorrow morning. Yo Chris ( gmc2003 gmc2003 ), you're gonna be a proud papa over this one my friend :emoji_wink:

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