Official Monthly Throwdown (TD) Rules


Rules for entry

1. The featured item of the month must be smoked in a prominent manner to be eligible for entry into the TD

2. All entries must be prepared during the current TD period. The TD code word must be written on a piece of paper (or other medium) and displayed in the picture. Do not digitally add the code word, or your name, to the entry.

  • **The purpose of the code word is to validate that the item was smoked for the TD**
3. Entries are to be submitted to the Events Coordinator via private message by midnight Pacific Standard time on the last night of eligible voting. An entry consists of the following:
  • one picture (can pile as much or as little as you want in one picture) with the featured TD theme
  • Visible TD code word (see #2) in entry. Please do not move or delete the location of the photo submitted for entry to ensure everybody has a chance to view the item
  • Brief description of the item. Once the TD has ended the contestants are encouraged to create threads revealing their entries to the general public.
4. Do not post entries in the general forum, or reveal your entry, until after the contest winners have been determined or else your entry will be disqualified.

5. Only one entry per participant is permitted


There will be two opportunities for entries to obtain votes:
  • Event committee judging
  • SMF Voters Poll
Events committee judging is made up of three trusted members of SMF and their votes are based off three criteria:
  • ORIGINALITY = thinking outside of the box
  • APPEARANCE = overall presentation and appeal of the dish
  • DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY = technical difficulty involved in creation of dish
**The Events Coordinator is not eligible to vote in either the Judges' Poll or the SMF Voters Poll due to knowing the name of the contestants**

a. Each criteria has a potential of receiving a total of 10 points, resulting in 30 potential points per entry. The judges view these entries as the general public does, without knowing the name of the contestant to ensure unbiased decisions.

b. In the event of a tie amongst the Judges, a member of the Admin team will be asked to break the tie.

The SMF Voters Poll will be open for 7 days from the end of the TD entry period

a. If the number of entries exceed the number of available positions a poll can hold, a 2nd poll will be created to ensure each entry can be selected in a poll.

b. Each poll is eligible for one entry.

c. When the general poll ends, the winner from each poll will face off in a 3-day general public poll challenge to determine the overall winner. If there is a tie at the end of the 3-day challenge, the winner will be determined by the overall votes cast by the judges in their voting.

d. One contestant cannot be eligible to win both categories. In the event a contestant is proclaimed the winner of both categories the runner up in the SMF Voters Poll will be awarded with the win of the general public poll.

PM any member of the Events Committee with questions and/or concerns.