February Throwdown: Chili, Soups, And Stews (Gonna Be Fun!!)

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Apr 14, 2013
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Well ladies and gentlemen, it's time again for another Throwdown. As the title of the thread states, it will be Chili, Soups, and Stews based on one of our sub-forums. Chris ( gmc2003 gmc2003 ) and I actually came up with this idea about 6 months ago but decided it'd be best as a cold-weather event. Then we decided to wait till the smoke cleared (so to speak) from the holiday insanity. The time has come however to toss this one out there with some high hopes. This event could well be a ton of fun. It'll open the door for tons of possibilities and potentially more participation than we've ever seen in one of these events. Practically everybody on the planet has a favorite in one of the three categories so options are pretty much unlimited. We have the mainstay group that has shown some tremendous participation in past events and there are tons of new folks here that I'd love to see get on board and play. BTW, welcome to SMF folks :emoji_wink:

For those of you that are new to the forum and may not be familiar with the Throwdowns, here is a link to the official rules:

For this one we are not going to require an aspect of your entry to be grilled or smoked as we typically do. Chances are though that the judges may very well give an extra nod to entries that do have some aspect grilled or smoked. If you're going to submit an entry that's missing the grilled/smoked component, that's perfectly fine but I'd recommend taking an extra minute in your presentation and make it as appealing as possible.

Your entry must consist of one pic only, not a collage, and there will be three code words for this one....yep, you guessed it: CHILI, SOUP, and STEW. Your entry must include a hand-written note with at least one of the three code words somewhere clearly visible in your picture that you submit to me.

Entry submission starts right now and you'll have till midnight Sunday February 18th to send them to me. All entries MUST be submitted to me via private message. Any entries sent to anybody else or sent via any avenue other than private message are subject to disqualification. This is to ensure that all entries are completely anonymous when the voting starts. If you have any questions at all, please read the rules and if you don't find your specific answer, please feel free to ask. You can PM either myself, Chris, or post the Q publicly. The last thing in the world anybody wants to see is an entry get DQ'd for any reason.

Once again we have a pretty amazing prize package for this event. Here is the breakdown of the prizes:

-First place in the forum voting will receive a $100 gift card from a fantastic sponsor...Porter Road. Here is the link to their website:

-Second place in the forum voting will receive an $80 Amazon gift card from me to get yourself anything your little heart may desire. If you don't have an Amazon account or don't have a Prime account, just let me know what you want. I'll order it and have it shipped to you.

-First place in the Judge's Voting will receive yet another tremendous gift package from Certified Piedmontese Beef. This is the toughest of the voting process because of the criteria the judges must critique the entries on. The prize package will consist of:
4 – 10oz NY Strips
1 – 80oz Boneless Striploin Roast
1 – 32oz Tri-Tip Roast
4 – 14oz Boneless Ribeye

Now to the most amazing prize EVER offered in one of these events. It is a custom crafted, hand-made kitchen knife created by our very good friend civilsmoker civilsmoker He just finished this masterpiece after several months of work and he's ready to offer it up. This prize will be awarded to the winner of the Judge's Choice selection. For this one we have one anonymous forum member in good standing chose their favorite of all the entries. Simple as that but it sure adds a fun twist to the events. Here is a pic and description of the finished knife:

This 11.75" custom kitchen slicer has a 6.75" AEB-L mirror polished 61 HRC tested blade. AEB-L stainless steel is known for its corrosion resistance, hardness, ease of sharpness, and edge retention properties. It features stabilized figured black walnut scales with stainless steel and copper pins. It has a figured hickory wood sheath with copper pins and a black leather retaining strap.

Well folks, I think I covered at least most of the bases here. Of course, after months of insanity that life has bestowed on me, my first post is a novelette but hey, y'all know I'm apt to put out some lengthy threads around here :emoji_laughing: Now...let's get the ball rolling and see some amazing entries for the viewing and voting pleasure of the forum members.

Thanks everybody!!
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Oh Lordy! If this TD dont get a ton of entries...... It is wide open for creativity to run rampant!
Get them thinking hats on folks!

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Those are some outstanding prizes right there! Lets make it hard on the judges and get an overload of participation of some tasty, soul warming entries!
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I full well understand that this is a meat forum, one way I get to eat meat like I do, is with a good, routine colon cleansing, but not the nasty tasting junk the doctor gives you! No, The Better 9/10ths makes a rockin' black bean soup!

This stuff tastes just like it ain't no good for ya! Dip a piece of homemade bread and call it a meal!


Homemade sourdough bread!
I thought I would share a pic these little birds from Porter Road, ie from the last TD prize….. got these yesterday. I can’t wait to try them…. These are free range natural fed birds. Just loving the size of these!!!

Oh and this was Certified Piedmontese’s last prize as well…..I would be polishing the soup bowls for a chance at either of these prizes!

Just some pics of CPB plates we have had at our house recently…..smoked rib roast with a smoked rib, garlic mash and focaccia sausage fennel dressing…..

Ribeye center cut with roasted veg and Demi….

I’ve yet to try the Porter Road birds (I have very high hopes) since I just got them but the CPB is the real deal. I for one really appreciate both PR and CPB being sponsors so we can enjoy some friendly competition to share our cooks with each other!!! Let’s show our appreciation by putting together an entry!

Oh and you may be able to look at yourself in the mirror with a smile if you enter…….
Should we submit a cropped version of the photo without the code word as well for display?
It is wide open for creativity to run rampant!
Get them thinking hats on folks!
Well well Jim, I guess that holds true for you also :emoji_wink: You best get that thinking cap on because a lot of folks have high expectations for your entry.

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Those are some outstanding prizes right there! Lets make it hard on the judges and get an overload of participation of some tasty, soul warming entries!
Thank you sir and yes, our sponsors and forum friends pulled out all the stops for this one. none have been easy to judge but if we get the participation we're somewhat expecting, this one could be nerve-wracking trying to decide a favorite.

The Better 9/10ths makes a rockin' black bean soup!
WOW!! That looks really good right there. Maybe she could coach you through a batch for your entry in the TD...just don't tell anybody what you're up to :emoji_wink:

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Well, dang! I just made chili. And gumbo! Have to figure something out… this one is so open ended…,
Isn't that the way it always seems to work? The good side though is that there's still plenty of time to come up with something fun and interesting as an entry.

Well this one should be fun and get a lot of entries! Those prizes are awesome!

Also, good to see you back on buddy… you’ve been missed!
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I thought I would share a pic these little birds from Porter Road
Those look perfect Civil. Maybe a pot of chicken soup is in order here :emoji_laughing:
Oh and this was Certified Piedmontese’s last prize as wel
You sir have been cleaning house with these events and eating well. Yep, that CPB is real deal and absolutely delicious. All of those meals look truly fantastic. Way to showcase some of your winnings these TD's. That knife looks absolutely stunning. Would you like to take over for me on the TD committee so I can enter with hopes of winning that masterpiece??

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