Ribeye it's what's for dinner

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Jun 11, 2013
What can get in the way of a man, and his steak? Certainly not a little snow...

We've easily racked up a foot in the last 24 hours here in michigan. Still I want steak.

I'd like to meet the guy who let a foot of snow stop him from grilling delicious ribeye steaks so I could revoke his man card!

Natures cooler! The deck rail shows the amount of snow we've been hit with. It's a gift from God telling me to drink beer while grillin' steak!!


Steak and sides.

Turned out great after shoveling the deck and cleaning all the snow off the grill. Would have preferred the charcoal grill but I'd rather drink beer than shovel a path to the shed.
Nice looking steak. We got two feet here last Wednesday night and Thursday. Calling for more lake effect snow in the next couple days. I use my grill and smoker all winter. A little snow ain't stopping this guy either.
Thanks y'all. Came out real good. The butcher shop had whole ribeye for $5.99 a pound at Christmas so I bought an 11 pounder and had them cut it into 1 1/4" steaks. Great deal!

And yes the beer is always good! Especially with ice crystals in them!
Good looking dinner there rock star,  We have only 10 1/2" of snow so far here in Lansing but it is still snowing.  I love the snow and this should be good snowman snow. 


'so far
It's at least 17" in the back yard because of the last snowfall! Just walked through it letting the wonder dog pee.
Hahaha, my labs love the snow Stan. It's pretty deep on them as well.

I think you should sculpt a rack of ribs outta snow Stan! That would be awesome!
Thanks Leah. We ended up just over 14" in just over 24 hours. It finally stopped early this morning. Now that the snows done it's dropping temp like crazy! It was 3 degrees here around 2pm. Think the high was suppose to be 5 degrees. Think I'd rather deal with the snow than this cold. Either way it's all bbq weather!
Yes weather is fascinating, right? Hey, those snow photos weren't there for whatever reason when I initially posted a comment about the cooking. That snow shark is AMAZING!

And then the adorable dog in the snow is incredibly heartwarming too!

Such wonderful things to see! Happy Tuesday to all! We're having a bit of a heatwave today, it will get up to about 15 degrees! Bikini weather therefore!!!

Cheers! - Leah
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