Labor Day Throwdown: Anything Goes Free-For-All

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And a good Saturday afternoon to all. Counting the remainder of this weekend, there are three weekends left to get those entries in. We're starting to see some rolling in but we need several more before the additional prizes become valid :emoji_wink:
That would be a valid entry...and probably more to your liking than Beer Can Buzzard :emoji_laughing:



This is funny,
They just did a bit on it on out 5 o'clock news , it was funny and the police had a good laugh when they pulled him over. Special made car to drive him around. But what a shitty mess the bull did on the back. The driving must have scared the you know what out of him. lol

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Just bumping this so many more can be inspired to enter.....just add the "labor day" code on a piece of paper place by your next smoke/grill, snap a picture, and PM it to tx smoker tx smoker as an entry....simple easy.....

since anything goes, here is a throwback pic.....just to "kill" the all the buzzard talk! LOL.....PS Remember that if there are more than 30 entries I will make a custom carbon kitchen knife for a future TD prize!

Well ladies and gents, the Labor Day weekend is upon us. Y'all have this weekend and next to get those entries submitted for a chance to take home some of the amazing prizes we have for this one.
Just bumping this so many more can be inspired to enter
Thank you for that. It was on my SMF agenda to post something here today to get it back on the board.
here is a throwback pic.....just to "kill" the all the buzzard talk!
Why would we want to do that? Properly prepared buzzard is a delicacy in the world where indaswamp indaswamp calls home. Additionally, the entry has already been submitted so I have to put it out there for voting. If nothing else, it should get high points for creativity / originality.

It is officially Labor Day so don't forget to add that little tag to your finished plate and send a pic to me for a TD entry. There is one week left and we are not quite to the point of having the additional prizes available. Need a few more...but thanks a million to those who have taken the time to show their support for the event(s). It is a pleasure to see them and even more of a pleasure knowing I don't have to vote :emoji_wink: Man, what a tough decision it'll be picking a favorite but it's gonna be fun when the voting starts.

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