The Griddle has landed, Boy am I happy

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Jan 27, 2021
Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia ,Canada
The Griddle has landed, Boy am I happy. This is for my win in the Leftover Throwdown.

First thanks again to all that have their hands in doing the throwdowns in any way at all, from the voters,
other entrants, Chris gmc2003 gmc2003 and Robert tx smoker tx smoker and TulsaJeff TulsaJeff for giving us the space and place to do this and everyone else that I missed .

Because of the logistics of where I am at, things got a little switched , and thank you civilsmoker civilsmoker for going along with this.
Robert was donating 2 place prize , that was the switch.
Robert just gave an amazon card for .ca , but i wanted the Griddle like he offered, so I got it off of .ca instead of .com. Found almost the same one at a very good price.

This thing is a beast , very heavy duty 1/8" thick cast steel, 18" x 14" cook area. Folding legs and both hook ups for 1 pound or 20 pound tanks
This will be great for the RV.... Or on the deck at home :emoji_sunglasses: :emoji_sunglasses:


So like I said , I am very happy with this prize . And hope in the next couple days I will be trying it out ( maybe 3 days another storm tomorrow )

Here is my entry to the Leftover Throwdown 2023

Thanks everyone

David, that is one nice addition I am sure you will enjoy…. Congrats my friend, glad it worked out for you to get that! Look forward to seeing your first cook… 👍🏼
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David, that is one nice addition I am sure you will enjoy…. Congrats my friend, glad it worked out for you to get that! Look forward to seeing your first cook… 👍🏼

Thanks Justin for the like and the comment

This will be nice to use on the deck , then maybe at the trailer.

It has a top that you can get for it and I might just pick that up also if I enjoy using this.

Oh boy a new griddle! That's a fantastic prize for a throw-down.

I picked up a Blackstone adventure ready griddle a few years back for our little '74 Boler. Its great for when we go out camping since I can make breakfast for the wife, son and I all at once. Smashburgers are a big hit especially with a slice of cheese between two burgers and one on top. Reuben Sandwiches are too. We usually do camp nachos in the dutch oven, but you can also do them on the griddle by putting a tin roasting pan over the pile and squirting a small amount of water under it so the steam melts the cheese. Makes me want to bust mine out so I can use it now, but we're sitting at -27c at the moment...
Awesome. When seasoning use grapeseed oil if possible. I have used alot of oils over the years but have gotten the best seasoning with it.

Can't wait to see what you create.
That's awesome David! Look forward to seeing you put it to use... think it can cook some kind of potato?
Seems I enabled myself into a Blackstone 22 " adventure ready griddle as well over the holidays... not my fault really, on sale for $ 97... heck yes!

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