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pork loin

  1. M

    Minimum salt% in pork loin?

    First time attempting homemade bacon! I used a piece of skin on pork loin but followed a recipe for a pork belly. Recipe called for prep of a bulk cure mix - 400g salt. 200g sugar. 60g pink curing salt (6.25% NaNO3). I then weighed my meat and calculated 2.5% of this weight and used this value...
  2. thirdeye

    Cold Smoked Loin ~ Finishing in Sous Vide?

    Today I'm on day 2 of a cold smoked loin ham cured with the daveomak injection method for 13 days. The meat temp has remained in the mid-30°'s the entire time, and my total smoke time will be 24 hours. Tonight I plan on holding in the refrigerator until Wednesday morning. I'll have plenty of...
  3. chopsaw

    Loin Hams , Dave's injection .

    I normally do loins with Tender Quick , but it's good to keep up with different ways to do things . So I went with the phosphate injection that I use on the butts and picnics . I have also been wanting to try a spicy Italian style ham . Another reason I went with the phosphate injection . Now...
  4. sharryn

    Can't wait to smoke this recipe! Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Pork Loin

    So, I copied this recipe from a Facebook post and made it in my gas oven a few months ago. It was amazing! Now that I have a new Kamado Joe, I want to smoke it and season it with a rub to do it up right. So, without further ado... JALAPENO POPPER STUFFED PORK LOIN Stuffed with bacon...
  5. chopsaw

    Double smoked Loin ham .

    Posted a thread the other day about double smoking a loin , and made a BBQ ham sandwich from it . Came out really good , so drove to the bottom of the freezer and found another one . Was home alone yesterday , so did this for my supper . Used apple pellets with the tube , in the mailbox of the...
  6. disco

    Smoked Sunday Pork Roast

    My mom used to make a boneless pork butt and gravy for one of our Sunday dinner staples. However, She Who Must Be Obeyed has suggested that pork loin is leaner and I could use a little less fat in my diet. I started cooking pork loin roasts. I use some liquid in the pan to avoid the lean meat...
  7. tropics

    Pork Roulade

    Sorry this is not smoked Please move if you have to. Started with a half Pork Loin New Years Eve Butterflied and pounded down gave it a rub of Rosemary and coated with Orange Marmalade Layered Ham Swiss & Asparagus Rolled & Tied New Years Day Green Bean Casserole Mac & Cheese Pork coated...
  8. man0fsteel

    What is this 'dark meat' part of the pork loin?

    Hello all, I've been buying whole pork loins from Costco for years. I always try to find the loins that have the biggest portion of this darker band of meat attached. It is, like most dark meats, more moist and flavorful than lighter meat next to it. Does anyone know if this part of the...
  9. S

    Pretty New to Smoking

    My name is Austin and I’m 28. I just moved out to the quasi-country and picked up a pellet grill. I’ve made chicken with mango, coconut, and jabeñero glaze and some crab stuffed salmon, but mostly I’ve been doing pork (tender)loin and pork ribs. I’m a fan of the competition blend pellets so far...
  10. pbrown86

    Pork Loin - Pan or No Pan

    I will be smoking a boneless pork loin this weekend in my MES 30. I am planning to use apple chips. I am planning to smoke until ~140F and then letting it rest. I have seen some threads where folks recommend smoking it in a pain with chicken broth or apple juice and others that prefer to just...
  11. SonnyE

    Back Bacon (Canadian Bacon)....

    Today my first shot as Back Bacon (ala Disco) came out of its curing bag and is soaking in an Ice Water bath for an hour before heading into the fridge open for forming the Pellical. The Pork Loin is all firmed up from the curing slumber and daily massage and turn over. I'm imagining some tasty...
  12. disco

    Apple Sausage Pork Loin

    Pork loin is occasionally on sale for a decent price. That is great for bacon and loin hams but sometimes I want a smoked pork roast. The problem is pork loins can dry out. One of the ways I get around this is by stuffing it with either sausage or a moist bread stuffing. This time I added some...
  13. DrewJ

    Sous Vide Pork Loin

    I've been wanting to put my $13 sous vide machine to the test so I thawed out a half of a pork loin. With the help of my 3 year old sous chef here it is bagged up with salt, pepper, a little bit of thyme, crushed garlic and a drizzle of olive oil. Brought it to work with me and sous vide it...
  14. M

    Brisket Flat and Pork Loins on PB820

    Have a fishing trip coming up and volunteered to do dinners. 4lb brisket flat and a couple pork loins. Nothing special about the loins, just store bought pre seasoned/marinaded. Seasoned the brisket with kosher salt, coarse pepper and garlic. Then seasoned with an OTC steak rub. Here’s the...
  15. chopsaw

    Cured up some Pork loins

    Found some whole loins for a good price , $1.29 / lb. Bought 2 froze one . I like to put them in a net , but this time I went without . Cut in thirds , used TQ , brown sugar , and liquid smoke in each bag . Yeah ,,, liquid smoke . It's ok . Went 14 days in the fridge , then rinsed and back in...
  16. NamVetJoe

    Can I get an AMEN

    Pork loin with baked beans and arugula salad
  17. will work 4 bbq

    Thursday evening pork loin smoke

    Hey guys! So i had an idea to make a pork loin stuffed with apple pie filling and when i got online i saw a thread suggesting that very same thing, since i already had a pork loin in the fridge i was sold! The loin was almost pushing 3.5 lbs so i cut a 1/3 chunk of it for another day. The...
  18. disco

    Cuban Pork Loin

    Before I begin this post, I humbly apologize to every Cuban or person of Cuban heritage. I love this style of cooking but a lot of the ingredients are not available here in the Canadian Rockies. For example I noted some recipes call for a sour orange. Therefore, this is my homage to the style...
  19. rob g

    2nd batch in the dehydrator

    My 2nd attempt is pork loin jerky. I scored 25.75lb of loin for just under $1/lb at the local grocery store. As it was nearing its best before date i wanted it all processed now. Aggressive trimming brought it down to about 16lb in the marinade. I bunched the meat closer together this time, most...
  20. wrazlin

    Bacon wrapped Pork Loin

    Decided to switch it up today and smoke a bacon wrapped pork loin.. 225- 3hours 145 internal temp .. this sucker was JUICY!
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