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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

      I, along with East Texas Smoker Company, are arranging the 1st Annual "Smokin' for Hero's" to be held in Tyler, TX around April/May time frame next year.  Right now NOTHING is set in stone and no plans have been etched out. I/we are in the discovery stage of this idea.  My question, as there will be several more, is this: When this event kicks off, how many here would actively participate in this event? (Attend or compete) We are looking at several sponsors for our event, with anticipation of a $5,000 purse.  We are planning a raffle draw and silent auction.

    Stay tuned for further info about this event as it's finalized.  Please, please, please feel free to comment and ask questions.
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    Mudbug , does anyone belong to KCBS [​IMG]  They have a great promotion program and can help immensely in the set-up. Plus as a member ,ou get a membership in Restaurant Supply [​IMG]  , good cheap meat/supplies.

    Gary , jump on this , this will be fun . . .
  3. Yes, both of the guys that own ETSC are members and certified judges for KCBS.

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