2023 N. FL Gathering

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OMG... Where does one start... Even though it was a little smaller than years past.. It was still a blast...

Jerry ( pineywoods pineywoods ) and Miss Karen... First off I want to thank you'ns for opening up your hearts, your palace, and the hospitality you offered... I know it takes a LOT of hard work and planning to hold this GREAT event... for that I thank the both of you from the bottom of my heart... Jerry, Take that wonderful, special, hard working, never stopped from sunup to sundown wife of yours on a special vacation... send her to the spa... get her nails done... buy her something she always wanted... She TRULY, TRULY, DESERVES something special...

Jeff ( TulsaJeff TulsaJeff )... Again I want to thank you for the best meat smoking forums available on the internet... None of these gatherings would be possible without it... Also, Thanks for the donations that were used for door prizes... I won a bottle of your Texas style rub...

More to come later... I'm whooped
This seemed to follow me home from Costco just before the Gathering


Then Boykjo and Jck Danls 07 were grinding sausage with my 1.5 hp LEM grinder and it stopped took it apart and not fixable by us anytime soon. So off I go to Bass Pro and this jumped in my cart

Happy to say that managed to get them going again. There was a lot of sausage made by this crew and DrDon got in on the act when he got here.
It was a great event and I would like to thank everyone for coming and spending some time with us.
I may be able to find a few more pics when I recover a bit

Forgot to add the Masterbuilt came with the Pizza Oven attachment
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Wow....I have to mirror Keith's sentiments. What an amazing time. Jerry is the most gracious of hosts but his amazing wife Karen is beyond words. There was an array of food cooked and served that was so far over the top I cant even begin to describe it. Got a bunch of pics taken Saturday, the main event, that I might post when I get home. Sitting in the airport in Panama City FL now waiting to get on the plane to Dallas, first leg of the journey home.

Thanks to all who came together to make this a super special event. Was fantastic to put a bunch of faces with names of people ice bantered back and forth with for years. Enough for now because typing on my phone is difficult at best. See everybody a bit later.

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Food looks great, the people happy and the weather perfect for swimming!! Glad to see the Lang in use too.

Edit#. No SMF banner pic?
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I agree, names of members in pics would be nice. Many names are only seen in Florida gatherings... never see or hear from them otherwise . So hi Florida people. I know Al!

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