[PHOTOS ADDED] 9th Annual South Florida Gathering (December 6th - 8th, Sebring FL)

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Great time everyone!!!! I thought we'd have a smaller showing this year with some last minute cancelations but that was not the case at all!

i'll be posting pics soon and if you have some please do the same!

I talked with a bunch of people the last day and we are looking to go ahead and book early for next year to ensure we get the dates and spots we want. We are looking to book ASAP for the weekend of November 13-14, 2020.

Anyone strongly opposed to these times?
Some pictures!


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Did anyone find an extra camp chair in their stuff... I didn't have mine when I got home. Black and gray with a cup holder in one arm and a cooler pack in the other... If so bring it next year. Had a great time and so did Auggie.
Scott.. I have your chair.. will hold it for ransome ...

Let me first say.... JEFF... "THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SMOKING MEAT FORUMS" obviously none of these gatherings throughout the states would be possible without them ... So "Thank You" for that ... Also I want to thank you for the donations of your books and spices... They were used as the prizes for the "Friendly Rib Competition" ...

Congratulations go out to
1st - John (Carol506's husband) He's the first one to beat Jeremy... ATTA BOY John
2nd - Doug (dougmays)
3rd - Jeremy (jarjarchef)

Wished we would have remembered to get pics of the winners... we'll have to do better on that next year (10th anniversary) ...

I also wanna thank everybody for coming and making this whole thing work ... What a blast we had..

I feel bad for the ones that had to cancel at the last minute.. prayers are still going out for them to overcome the reason for cancellation...

Sorry I couldn't reply to any post's after we left.. as I don't have/own a cell phone so I had no internet access until I got back home...

So next year's Gathering (10th anniversary) is already in the works and as Doug just stated all sites are available for Nov.13-14th... So I am assuming Doug will start a new thread for that one ...

We are looking to do something special for the 10th annual so please post suggestions ON THE NEW THREAD ... Doug, post a link to that thread on here, will ya please ...
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