PHOTOS ADDED - 8th Annual South Florida Gathering 2018 (Nov 17-18)

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Special Ingredient for the Rib Comp?

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Nov 18, 2010
Gainesville, FL
We are at it again! We had a great gathering last year and are excited to announce the next one!

Date: Nov 17-18, 2018 (you're welcome to come earlier or stay later)
Where: Highland Hammock State Park, 5931 Hammock Rd, Sebring, FL 33872

Meals & Agenda
Thursday Night - Fried Chicken ( floridasteve floridasteve )

Friday - Pork Chops ( floridasteve floridasteve ), Maple Bourbon Ham ( JckDanls 07 JckDanls 07 ), Fatties (@ega-q ), Deviled Eggs and Meatballs ( JckDanls 07 JckDanls 07 ), chicken & cornbread potpie (@ojenny )

Saturday Breakfast - Eggs, Potatoes and more ( carol506 carol506 and helpers), biscuits and sausage gravy (@ojenny ), Broccoli Salad ( JckDanls 07 JckDanls 07 )

Saturday Lunch/Snacks - Pork Belly ( dougmays dougmays ), pizza bread (@ojenny )

Saturday Dinner - Side Dish ( floridasteve floridasteve ), Smoked Spaghetti (@nepas ), Side Dish (@ega-q ), smoked turkey breasts & mystery side (@ojenny )

Sunday Breakfast?

Sunday Lunch?

Other/Unassigned - 10# Brisket ( carol506 carol506 ), 3 Dozen Eggs ( floridasteve floridasteve ), 2 large packs of bacon from Sam's ( dougmays dougmays )

Saturday - Ribs @ 5pm (tentative), Cocktail (turn-in 5pm)...times and be changed

Sites Booked
@roadkill cafe - #78
@jarjarchef (Jeramy) - #79
@jckdanls (Keith) 07 - #88/#89, Nov 15-19
carol506 carol506 (Carol) & @grumpa john (John) - #87, Nov 15-18
dougmays dougmays (Doug) - #81
bobcats110 bobcats110 - #82
Kim & Mark site 83
nimrod nimrod - #86
Sharon Gibson - #135.
Denita Wishart and JD - #52
John and Jeanette Feaster #130
Linda Worth #133
Jenny (@ojenny ) - #134
Melanie Chadwick 132
Melissa 137
Teresa Cox Webster 138
Gene and Sherry 42
Linda Cram 113
Julie Stoughton
Shared list of disposable items to bring and share

Plates - @Discus39
Utensils ( plastic ) - dougmays dougmays
Drink cups ( cold & hot) - dougmays dougmays (solo cups)
ICE ( we can NEVER have enough) -
Paper napkins - @Discus39
Garbage bags - carol506 carol506
Cleaning supply's ( sponges dish soap etc etc ) - dougmays dougmays

Snacks ( pretzels chips nuts etc etc )
Soft drinks
Fire wood
Buns, Rolls ,Bread

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Wooohoooo.. here we go again... as always.. reserve your sites early as they will fill up fast and usually none available as we get closer to the date ...
Updated Post#1 with everyone's sites!

For any newcomers lurking/viewing this...please join us!!
Easter dinner. Ham loaf made with my own cured ham and ground pork butt, plus scratch made scolloped potatoes a'gratin and fresh corn on the cob.
Hey folks! Sorry for being AWOL i've been super busy with work, travel and other stuff! Been getting into alot more food vending events in Gainesville so that's been keeping me busy.

Added Sharon and Jenny to the #1 post. Jenny did you change your "jenny0" username or create a new one? I could not find it to tag
Ready also! Is it November yet?

Anyone have any recommendations for something they want to see done this year that we did not do last year? Pig cook? Open Fire Cooking? Sometime of Snout-to-tail type cooking? Pickling demo? Just throwing ideas out... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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