PHOTOS ADDED - 8th Annual South Florida Gathering 2018 (Nov 17-18)

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Special Ingredient for the Rib Comp?

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Oops! Forgot we had tickets to Celtic Woman that conflicts with date of kitchen party. Have to change dates of party to March 16th. Hope to see y'all then. Sorry for mixup.
Time to party. Help breaking John's outdoor kitchen. MARCH 16TH. We're fixing smoked brisket and turkey.

Everyone welcome. Potluck, Bring your chairs.

RSVP so I'll know how much meat to buy.

Hope to see a bunch of friends,

Sorry to say Carol.. we won't be making it... looks like I'll be working that weekend ... how are y'all enjoying it ??

On a side note... We should be hearing something soon about S. Fl. (I would think) ...
Would have loved to shown up, but moved from Florida to the Philippines.
Smoking Lebanon Bologna as I type.
FYI we have tons of plastic forks, knives and spoons leftover from kitchen party. No need for anyone to bring more for next smokeout.

Any idea as to date yet?
Ann & I had a great time and thank you for the hospitality! John's new outdoor kitchen will make all the forum members envious. His brisket & turkey breast was fantastic!!! I can't do a good brisket, I really enjoyed John's. There was so much good food it was like a smoking meat gathering. My hats off to your freind that brought the homemade Sangria!
Craig & Ann
Howdy y'all! Sorry i havent been on here much...been super busy.

Ok planning for this year. My Annual company trip falls on November 15-17 this year so that's the only weekend i'm unavailable for the gathering.

Do we want to do the next gathering:
Nov 2-3
Nov 9-10
Nov 23-24

i'll create a new thread for this year's gathering once we nail down a date
For me the best dates would be 23-24 or 2-3 in that order... 9-10 is the weekend before Veteran's Day and the 10th is the the Marine Corps Birthday, this is a big weekend for us old Jarheads.
unfortunately the only weekend that all sites are available is the 16th/17th ... for the weekend of 23-24 site 87 is already booked as well as some on the other side of the road (sites 129,130,and 136) .... as for the 2-3 and 9-10 even more of the sites are booked.... so I guess 23-24th would be the best bet at this time...
I'm in for Nov 9-10 also but understand the site reservation issues. We are very open at this time but Nov 23-24 is awfully close to Thanksgiving. Might be hard to get folks out then.
The later the better for me.
Weekend of the 23rd or Dec 6th is better for me.
The 9th and 10th is a holiday weekend.
We are very busy early November. We are also expecting one of our Chefs to go out again. Last time was for 15 months.
Dec. 7-8 does look best as far as Site availability...
Oct. 26-27 is open as well... but a better possibility of it still being warm/hot outside...

Any weekend is good for us...
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