10th Annual South Florida Smoking Meat Gathering (THE BIG ONE!!) - November 13-14, 2020

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Nov 18, 2010
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We are looking to get booking started sooner rather than later for next year's Big 10th annual gathering!

Date: 11/13-11/14, 2020
Location: Highland Hammock State Park, Sebring (FL)

We do not want to distract from this year's post with photos added or other more close gathering

More details to come.....
Site 81 booked. Doug, after booking, I realized this might the site you usually take. If you get the one just above it on the map, we can switch.
We be in... Site #83 again.

If anybody is interested a Spring get together has been scheduled for April 3-5 @ Fisheating Creek in Palmdale. Not really a huge smoke out but there is usually some great food an good times to be had. Don't want to muddle this up with that just tossing it out there.
Hopefully all this Covid-funk blows away by then! I had to cancel my Scotland trip next month that we've been planning for a few years now
Doug looks like the site i have had the past couple years was grabbed up before i could book.

Honestly we were slammed at work and had forgotten about booking until Don texted me the other night. No sites near by, so if your up for sharing a site, I'll be happy to work something out. Might even bring a bottle of something for "Brad"!:emoji_wink:
Keith, Thanks. I am fine sharing with Doug/Brad seeing as i have managed to find a smaller tent....:emoji_laughing:

Besides with the current crap that is going on, I am not really sure what my work schedule will look like in November. Before I was furloughed we were having several weddings and groups trying to reschedule.
Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!

Anyone doing anything new on the smoker lately?

Bought this smoker a year or so ago. Clearance at Sam's club. Under $200 thanks to Dave and Carol, friends from Tampa that hooked me up with their discovery. Since I sent my 18" Weber to my camp in the woods a few months ago I was kind of forced to get my temp controller fan installed so I can do larger overnight cooks at home again.
It's ready to go but damnit meat is hard to find. Sam's club today, no brisket, no pork shoulder. Wow
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Jeramy... all is well here... I am one of the fortunate ones that stayed working the whole time... albeit slow ... bout tired of the stay at home BS tho ...
I've not done anything really on the smoker.... made 35 lbs worth of snack sticks during Easter wknd... It was a big flop...gave them all away.... Went to GFS for butts and they only had 2 twin packs and a bunch of single packs... So I grabbed the two twin packs with out looking them over... Asked the manager if the single packs is the new norm... he said "NO" .. that's the only thing that was available.... I said cool and went on my way...
So I made up the sticks and took a bite of the Jalapeno when they were done cooking... I about spit it back out... SALTYYYYYYYYYY.... salty as hell... Said to myself... "How DaHell did they get so salty... I don't add any extra salt... what ever's in the seasoning... So I went and dug the packaging out of the trash to see what was going on.... turns out they were MARINATED (had MARNTD on the corner of the label) in the normal looking vacuum sealed pack....

Don.. that's a cool looking smoker... should do well for ya...
I am going to Merritt Island tomorrow to pick up my dad's offset smoker. He doesn't use it, so he is giving it to me. He uses his MES now and is enjoying that style of smoking.

I will need to clean it up and put some wheels on it so I can move it around on the ground, no concrete pads here. It was stored under cover and should be in good shape.

Don and Keith, let me know if you are still coming up short on the meats. At the butcher I go to I have not seen any issues. I will be going today and will inquire what options are. I know in the past I have bought case packs and got a really good deal. Maybe get one and split it up.

With only 2 of us in the household, doing a cook usually lasts us a long time. I still have 15ea 1lb packs of pulled pork vacuum sealed in the freezer that I did in March. I did do a brisket for tacos on Cinco de Mayo. It came out good, great flavor, but texture and moisture need work. I tried the peach paper for the first time. Still my best one yet not using sous vide.
I would try my hand at making sausage, but I would be the only one eating it, Charlyn doesn't like many sausages.

Can't wait to get back to work and complain about how busy I am and that I need some time off!

Stay Safe!
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