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EVERYONE... click on the spammers and block them... in their profile is a "block member" tab....


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I wonder how many it takes, we no doubt hat at least 4 this am. If it works like you think Dave, I'll pm members who are on at the time and tell them to also block them too. Maybe we can find out what it takes
They spoil my morning coffee


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I kinda like the idea of self regulating but I think the number should be higher to get someone put in purgatory. It would be far too easy to get a group of friends together who want to 'punish' somebody by flag their posts. If that were to happen and the admins found out about it, I think those vigilantes should be banned until they've done enough community service to rehabilitate themselves.

Don't get me wrong. I despise spammers, but I haven't experienced them as a significant or even noticeable problem at SMF.


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mummel suggested trying it... he thought it was worth the try.... he thought it was in some programs.... if it works, cool.... nothing ventured, nothing gained....

As far as members ganging up on someone, one of two things will happen.... the person being ganged up on deserved it OR we will find out which members need to be banned.... either way, a problem will be solved.....

And admin can look and see who does the blocking.... there is a record of that type activity... so nothing is anonymous here or on any forum......

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     I know this may seem like a silly question to ask but, what is a "SPAMMER"?

SPAM I know is Junk email but this SPAMMER thing has me stumped.

     A few days ago I checked out the new ladies group here at the SFM site.

When I tried to signup with the group I found out I was no longer  listed as a member

and there was an offensive picture where the list of members are usually located on the home page. That picture had been there for several days before I tried to sign on with

the ladies group . Could all this be connected?

     I tried to report this, but had no luck. Thankfully everything went back to normal.

I did not know that members could block members either. Learn something new every day.

                                                                                            Smokin Sid

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