Setting Auber PID Temp, Time, and Other Values

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JC in GB

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Sep 28, 2018
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Not to be contrary or argumentative but the style of switch you linked too is not going to work... I learned this lesson the hard way in the past lol. :D

The one in the following link will work. It's 175C/347F limit.

Notice the face and fastening collar/plate are one piece of metal.
JC in GB JC in GB , the one you linked too has a 2 piece metal face and fastening collar/plate. The 2 piece style causes the button face of the switch to move in/out of the insulation and leaves a gap where smoke will get into the insulation/body of the smoker.
At a glance it's hard to notice the difference. I am scarred for life learning the hard way about the difference in the 2 styles, so I eyeball the crap out of the pictures to know which is the correct style hahaha :D

Also this one is ceramic so it may hold up longer and you get 8 pieces just in case one wears out or breaks. They can be a little delicate at times and can tear up was you try to install.

I hope this info helps :)

Thanks for that information. That is a better choice than what I was suggesting. I was unaware that this would cause an issue. This forum is so very helpful. :emoji_smile_cat:

JC :emoji_cat:


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Dec 30, 2016
Thanks for that information. That is a better choice than what I was suggesting. I was unaware that this would cause an issue. This forum is so very helpful. :emoji_smile_cat:

JC :emoji_cat:
No problem.

It was a headache to have an MES pulled apart to find I had the wrong style of switch hahaha :D So hopefully I have helped us all avoid the problem I ran into :D

I think someone on the forum once got the wrong style of switch and soldered the collar and face plate together and that worked.
HOWEVER, that can be "iffy" should the plastic back of a switch melt some while soldering. A ceramic switch wouldn't have a problem melting but simply getting the proper style eliminates any issues or "workarounds" upfront lol :D


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Dec 14, 2013
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You can calibrate the Auber to read what you want..
That's right . Temp offset code 155 on mine . Problem is it's 30 degree difference . That's extreme . Funny thing is the display is off , but the action of the probe is correct .
So lets say set to 150 . P=5
Auber display shows it coming out of full power at 132 .

Ink bird therm set next to the Auber temp probe shows 145 .
If the Auber probe was seeing 132 it should stay in full power . So why is the reading not correct ? I have a new probe I keep for checking stuff like this .

Had a suggestion this morning to make sure it's not set to Celsius . Which I will do , but the difference between the 2 isn't great enough is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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