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I bet ya $20. it's area is smaller than two 8lb birds collectively.
They'd have to be cooked side by side.

Put the bird on a rack so you can easily lift it on/off and turn it as needed.

What type of rack would be best?
Any rack the bird will fit on and you can handle.
Like the racks from my smoker, I use them on the grill occasionally.

That is awesome. Thanks for the picture. Definitely helps. What was cook temp and time for that one?
2 burners should easily maintain that temp as long as your not peeking constantly an doing it when -5°
I can tell ya that a 8# Chicken Spatched fills up 13.75" grate in my 14" WSM. I have cooked a 12 pound spatched turkey in it, but it was a tight fit. Now as for indirect or direct, if the grate temp is 325° I wouldn't really worry about indirect or direct. Temp is temp.
If that was my family and I ruined the bird, I would hear about it for a looooong time. :emoji_laughing: So consider that. Also, I prefer oven roasted turkey for TG. Give yourself a safety margin. Get a big bird and halve it. Grill one half and oven roast the other.
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