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  1. C

    Spatchcock Chicken on the Camp Chef

    Super easy and always impresses. Sprayed with a little duck fat spray and seasoned with garlic poultry seasoning or your favorite rub. High smoke on the Camp Chef until internal temp hits 150 degrees, then removed and rested for 15 minutes while the Camp Chef cranked up to 450. Put back in at...
  2. Spatchcock turkey

    Spatchcock turkey

    Created with Wondershare Filmora
  3. Torc

    Spatchcock dutch oven chicken

    I have been enjoying spatchcock chicken on the grill since I bought my Akorn grill. I think I decided to try this from a Kent Rollins video but not sure. Used a 10" camp dutch oven set on the ceramic heat diffuser.
  4. TulsaJeff

    How to Smoke Chicken (Video Tutorial)

    A while back I made a video on how I cook a chicken in my Hasty Bake Legacy Smoker and Grill.. this method uses indirect heat at 275°F with pecan wood. You can do this in the same way using whatever smoker or grill you have. Here's the video and the written instructions for the brining are...
  5. A

    Will Turkey Fit? Any Pointers?

    I will be hosting my first Thanksgiving this year and my family has never had grilled turkey. We are thinking of getting approximately a 16 pound bird. I just want to make sure it will fit. I am using a Dyno-Glo 4 Burner Gas Grill Model# DGF493PNP-D. Does anyone know if this size bird will fit...
  6. pigsmoke

    Whole Chicken Brine

    Hey all, I hope I'm not beating a dead horse here, but I have a question regarding whole chickens and brining them. I'm planning on smoking two spatchcocked chickens this coming Sunday and I was wondering; Is it 100% necessary to brine these birds first? If I don't, what are the potential...
  7. ragsbbq

    WSM Spatchcock chicken question

    I'm doing 4 whole chickens on my WSM 22 for 4th of July. Is it ok to put two on top rack and two on the bottom rack? I know normally you would never put chicken on top with something underneath but wasn't sure if it would be ok to put 2 of the birds on that lower rack? Thanks in advance for...
  8. BoilerBBQ

    First (and second) Keto Smoke

    I've been on the Keto diet for a few weeks now and grilling food fits into the diet very well, but this weekend was my first chance to smoke some "diet" food. I had family coming to town, so I decided to do an overnight pork butt. My normal rub is a secret recipe from my former volunteer fire...
  9. loosechangedru

    Whole chickens with Disco's guidance

    I started thawing 4 chickens a few days ago, figuring I'd have a plan by this weekend. Nope. Thankfully, I got a few tips from Disco (Preacher Man, I'm making pulled chicken tacos your way next time around). I combined the glaze and dipping sauce from his Cambodia Chicken with his Piri Piri...
  10. jmardock


    I wanted to smoke a standing rib roast for New Years Eve dinner, so I went to Costco a few days earlier and accidentally brought home a lot more meat than that. Since I was taking some time off from work for the holidays, I decided to spend a couple of days smoking a lot of the meat to freeze...
  11. WI_GameMeats

    Injected Christmas 15lb Turkey

    -Spatchcocked 15.5lb Turkey (Honeysuckle brand) -Used the backbone, neck and giblets in the Instant Pot for Drippings (made a hell of a gravy later on) -This picture below is after an injection and homemade dry rub (I let the injection sit for 24 hours before smoking) Injection: -1 stick butter...
  12. joseph73

    Smoking Flavor Depth

    I was wondering about how deep the smoke flavor should reach in a turkey. Should it go all the way to the meat on the bone if done properly? I smoked a turkey last night that was done faster than I anticipated. While the outside of the breast was lightly smoked, the inner part, while juicy, was...
  13. joseph73

    Smoked First Turkey...

    smoked the turkey today. it was phenomenal! Not perfect, but very good. I brined for 24 hours then spatchcocked it an let it rest for 2 hours while I injected it with a ghee(the ladies in the house are on a special diet and no butter, but ghee is pretty good!) stock and some maple syrup. I also...
  14. BoilerBBQ

    First spatchcock chicken

    I read about the spatchcock method on here and had to try it out. Results were great. Rubbed with SPOG and Rosemary and put a little garlic butter on the breast. Smoked at 260 with a little pecan. Had a spike to 300, which was fine because it was towards the end and made the skin a little...
  15. kilo charlie

    Spatchcocked chickens on new smoker

    Two spatchcocked chickens - one seasoned with Lawry's Seasoning And the other with Pork Barrel BBQ And a shot of the juiciness! First time doing a whole chicken, let alone a spatchcocked one. Smoked in the new smoker for 4 hours at 250°. The new smoker:
  16. S

    Familiar with smoker, not with Turkey

    Greetings all, I have a 30" Masterbuilt electric smoker and was designated to smoke a turkey for this year's thanksgiving meal to accompany the fried turkey someone else is doing. I have seen many different posts with different suggestions, temps, and times for the cook but my smoker maxes out...
  17. mikedfw

    Dry brine and Spatchcocked

    Usually wet brine and smoke turkey and am happy with results (moist and flavorful meat). Have to combat the challenge of breasts being ready before dark meat by finishing the latter in the oven. Want to try dry brining and spatchcock-ing (for convenience) provided I don't have to compromise on...
  18. SmokinAl

    Spatchcocked chicken for a Pot pie, lots of qview

    Nothing better than a good chicken pot pie with a crispy crust. Picked up a 6 lb chicken. Should be good for 3 or 4 meals. Started out with Carrots, celery, onions, & garlic. Added some chicken broth. Then put a bunch of garlic & butter underneath the skin. Dusted the bird with...