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  1. F

    Replacement for Viking 54" Outdoor Gas Range

    My family has a 54" Built-in gas grill grill in our outdoor enclosed kitchen. It is vented with a Viking hood. We have had a whole range of product quality issues, including but not limited to: knobs falling off lights burnt out briquette racks disintegrated under heat lot of hot/cold spots...
  2. DinnerIsComing

    Camp Chef Apex 24/36 (combo pellet & propane grill)

    I was curious if anyone out there has a Camp Chef Apex 24/36 pellet and propane grill. I currently don't have a pellet grill, but if my current propane grill "bites it," I thought this might be interesting to add the pellet capability. Has anyone seen/used one of these grills? Comments...
  3. N

    Why a pellet smoker/grill

    I have read here that at temperatures over 275° a pellet grill imparts little to no smoke flavor into the meat. Does this mean that above 275 there is no difference between a pellet grill and a gas grill? Even though there is little to no smoke flavor, does the pellet grill add some character...
  4. Wurstmeister

    Gas Grill Control Starter Kit from Germany - Should work in the US.

    Here is an interesting controller for gas grills that I learned about in an email today from the BBQPIT - The Grill and BBQ Magazine Grillblog & Grill recipe in Germany. Instead of just providing a narrative and the link to the web page, which requires translating from German to English, I've...
  5. E


    IM thinking of converting my gas grill into a smoker as it maintains an optimal smoking temperature of 225 when burner is set to low. my only challenge is how to incorporate the smoke, i tried many other options around the web such as pellet tubes and smoking boxes, but they arent the best so...
  6. A

    Difficultly grilling on a charcoal grill for a rookie. Need guidance please.

    So I bought a 22-inch Premium Kettle Weber Charcoal Grill. I chose charcoal because from my understanding and research, charcoal grills produce the authentic BBQ flavour and easier to smoke compared to gas grills. As we already know, charcoal grills are more time consuming to set-up even with a...
  7. HowardScott

    Charcoal VS Gas in terms of taste??

    Hi guys. it's me again. If we're comparing charcoal and gas grills in terms of taste? Just trying to quantify the difference to better feel it, say if the charcoal grills have 4 stars rating out of 5, what would that make gas grills 3 or 3.5?
  8. A

    Will Turkey Fit? Any Pointers?

    I will be hosting my first Thanksgiving this year and my family has never had grilled turkey. We are thinking of getting approximately a 16 pound bird. I just want to make sure it will fit. I am using a Dyno-Glo 4 Burner Gas Grill Model# DGF493PNP-D. Does anyone know if this size bird will fit...
  9. M

    Weber Grill - low heat, troubleshooting, burner replacement

    Hey folks, I've had a lot of benefit from this forum on the topic of smoking, and while I haven't had anything to share on that side, I assume some of us also have a gas grill.. to that end, wanted to share my experience today in servicing mine. My grill is a Weber Genesis E-310, with a...