Replacement for Viking 54" Outdoor Gas Range

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Jan 31, 2024
My family has a 54" Built-in gas grill grill in our outdoor enclosed kitchen. It is vented with a Viking hood. We have had a whole range of product quality issues, including but not limited to:

  • knobs falling off
  • lights burnt out
  • briquette racks disintegrated under heat
  • lot of hot/cold spots and inconsistent heat in general
  • searing station questionable, however fine when brand new
We have attempted to remedy many of these issues. We rebuilt it with flavor grids, but didn't like this. We rebuilt again with lava rocks and that worked better but burners went bad.

To fix it now, we would have to totally replace infrared, replace burners, stainless steel inside which is shot...essentially would have to rebuild everything.

We have been looking for a replacement that is high quality and won't give us all these issues over years down the road. I know an exact 54" drop in replacement might not be possible, and if there is a better option that we would need to customize/fabricate the setting to make it fit, we are open to it.

The options seem overwhelming, so any and all advice on a potential replacement would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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Do you need / want 54"? That's a big a** grill, and it's easier to trim it out and make the hole smaller than it is to make it bigger.
Do you need / want 54"? That's a big a** grill, and it's easier to trim it out and make the hole smaller than it is to make it bigger.
We are ok with trimming it out to accommodate a slightly smaller grill. open to any ideas, really!
If you want something that performs, I would suggest getting a vulcan or garland NG charbroiler. CPG also has a combination 24" chargiller with matching 24" flat top that fit right in a 52" space. They even have some with wood chip drawers if you want. Just look at the Webstaurant store for ideas, then go to a local restaurant supplace to have it sourced local.

IE I would go professional and ditch the lid since you have an enclosed kitchen. All three of these will sit in a 52 inch space with the perfect amount of clearance......


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