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  1. DinnerIsComing

    Just Put the Turkey in the Oven

    I came across this YouTube video from 10 years ago... I watched the first minute of it and nearly spat out my coffee! Suddenly, I was flooded with my grandmother's infrequent, less-than-saintly moments! As I'm doing the "stress out" as the big day fast approaches, I thought we all could use a...
  2. tallbm

    Thanksgiving How to: Holiday Ham from Pork Butt / Pork Shoulder!!!

    So many people love a good holiday ham. My family gatherings are so large that we have ham at both Thanksgiving and Christmas along with whatever dishes other people bring. No food is wrong to in addition to the traditional ham and turkey dishes. This is a very detailed "How To" on making an...
  3. LoydB

    Thanksgiving Cranberry Chutney

    Just made this the other day, it's the best cranberry 'sauce' I've ever had.
  4. TulsaJeff

    Thanksgiving How to Spatchcock a Turkey - Video

    The origin of the word "spatchcock" is debatable however, for our purposes, it simply means to "butterfly" the bird. Cut along both sides of the backbone and that Thanksgiving turkey will open up like a book allowing it to cook faster and more evenly. Here's a video showing how I brine...
  5. TulsaJeff

    Thanksgiving How to Smoke a Whole Turkey - Video

    There are many correct methods for smoking the Thanksgiving turkey as you might imagine.. this video is simply how I do it most of the time. If you've never smoked a turkey before, I recommend you practice one a few weeks before the big day.
  6. S

    1st smoked Turkey

    This past weekend I smoked my 1st Turkey. My Daughter and her husband are hoisting Thanksgiving this year in their new home and asked me if I could bring a smoked bird to add to their oven baked Turkey to the table this year. So since I have never done one before I figured I need to do a test...
  7. Binford 6100

    Sous vide and smoked turkey

    So for thanks giving this year I am going to stray away from the deep frier and I want to due a combo of sous vide and smoking. I have never done this so I thought I would ask for some opinions. I will brine the bird, then I was thinking sous vide to about 150 and then finish on the smoker to...
  8. M

    Thanksgiving spread

    Here is a few pics of ribs and smoked turkeys I did this past holiday. The turkeys were injected with butter mixed with creole and smoked paprika and rubbed in the cavity with a home made brown sugar dry rub. The ribs got the same rub treatment with a spritz of apple juice and basted with sauce...
  9. hunter rose

    Mmm... leftovers.

    Tried a few new tricks this go around... overall I was pleased. The legs were injected and smoked - delicious as always. The rest of the bird, I pre-carved, dry brined, injected, sous vide and then smoked. Lots of work, but delicious.
  10. Rmartinez2

    Another Turkey Thread

    Hey everyone I know there's going to be and are a bunch of these but, well, I like to share. I had a 10# and a 12# bird which I brined for 15 hours each. My brine consisted of salt, sugar, thyme, rosemary, onion etc. I used the briner bucket which is awesome. One bird brined in the spices with...
  11. W

    Temperature Panic

    Can’t seem to get above 190. Weber charcoal mountain smoker. All vents now fully open. yes, used water..but this hasn’t happened before. Sing lump charcoal. Ps: it’s windy out there
  12. TampaNole27

    Practice Turkey Day

    Practice makes perfect! So it’s become my annual tradition to do a practice bird on Sunday before hosting 30+ people and 3 birds on Thanksgiving. Wife uses the carcass to make an AMAZING smoked gravy to go with Thanksgiving. This is a 11.6 lb Turkey. I try to stay between 10-12 for my smoked...
  13. TampaNole27

    New Patio, and updated Grill Deck

    With Thanksgiving around the corner, I havent been able to think about much else than grilling with my 5 days off and 28 people packing into the house. So decided to come back here to vent my excitement. In the last few weeks, my wife and I with the help of family built a new patio out back...
  14. A

    Will Turkey Fit? Any Pointers?

    I will be hosting my first Thanksgiving this year and my family has never had grilled turkey. We are thinking of getting approximately a 16 pound bird. I just want to make sure it will fit. I am using a Dyno-Glo 4 Burner Gas Grill Model# DGF493PNP-D. Does anyone know if this size bird will fit...
  15. hunter rose

    A bird to be thankful for...

    I love smoking on Thanksgiving... not because I love turkey more than other proteins, but because there is so much sport to the cook. The preparation, build-up, research and anticipation over this centerpiece of an event with family and friends is special. Love it! I'm thankful my family and...
  16. Preacher Man

    Brined Injected SmoFried Turkey for T-Day

    For Thanksgiving this year I'm brining a turkey for almost 48 hours, injecting it, smoking it, then deep-frying it. Here it is in the brine.
  17. D

    smoking a 24lb turkey, got a question on temp

    smoker is at 220 degrees, got a 24lb bird that I'd figure would take 12 hours to get to 165f its been almost 5 hours and the bird is at 150. I've rechecked all my temps the smoker is running around 217f and the breast and thigh is around 148f using about 3 different themonitors. does a big...
  18. M

    Smoked Turkey Question!

    Hey everyone! I'm smoking a Turkey tomorrow for Thanksgiving, got some questions for you all. I'm smoking mine tomorrow on my traeger with the spatchcock citrus herb brine recipe on their website. They have me putting a garlic herb butter under the skin , but nothing on top. If I don't put...
  19. E

    Turkey Smoke Per Pound?

    Newbie here... I have a 22# Turkey that I will wet brine for about 20 hours. I will smoke/grill it on a Pit Boss 700Fb. From what I have read, turkey can smoke anywhere from 15-30 minutes per pound. That is a huge window when trying to time everything for Thanksgiving. Anybody have any advice...
  20. C

    Advice - 16 lbs Turkey in Masterbuilt Electric

    Hi all - New to the forums - looks like a great resource! I recently got a Masterbuilt 30" electric smoker (replacing a previous one I had that was not taken care of properly), and I'm familiar with smoking at a basic level. I've done ribs, chicken, and Turkey before, but not a 16 lbs one. I...