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  1. R

    Rotisserie or Smoked Turkey

    For last few years I have made turkey on a rotisserie - wet brine, inject breast, kettle grill with Slow N Sear and a rotisserie attachment, grill temp about 350F, pull when breast is between 155 and 160 F, rest half hour or more. I toss a few chunks of apple wood into the Slow N Sear. I bake...
  2. D

    Never, ever cooked a turkey in my life ?????

    Uh oh.. I've stepped in it now! This may sound absurd but in my 60 years I've never cooked a turkey at all so I'm totally clueless where to start! I have a vintage OKJ Highland that I brought back from the dead and restored to near new condition. And I have a turkey. I bought a ~12lb turkey...
  3. S

    1st smoked Turkey

    This past weekend I smoked my 1st Turkey. My Daughter and her husband are hoisting Thanksgiving this year in their new home and asked me if I could bring a smoked bird to add to their oven baked Turkey to the table this year. So since I have never done one before I figured I need to do a test...
  4. thirdeye

    "Yardbird" & "Henhouse" Took On A Whole New Meaning Today

    We're in the middle of a Spring storm system with a 20° drop in temps and wet snow coming. Today I had some visitors in my back yard. Higher elevation snow drives them down from the foothills early in the morning, and when the town wakes up they sort of shelter in place until afternoon.
  5. chopsaw

    Boneless Turkey breast . Cured and smoked .

    I do this method every now and then , but use chicken . Makes good sandwich meat . Had a whole turkey breast in the freezer , so got it thawed out . Mixed up a gallon batch of Pop's low salt brine . Cured the breast with the skin on and the bone in for 6 days . Used the Briner Jr. Drained and...
  6. hunter rose

    Stuffed turkey breast

    Snowmageddon cook... smoked turkey breast stuffed with bacon, havarti and salami. Came out great!
  7. C

    Should I brine? cookbook? recipes?

    This will be my first time smoking turkey (and only my second time smoking ever). I don't know a reliable site or cookbook for smoking turkey, or smoking in general. Do you all recommend brining turkey or not? Either way, please share how you would recommend to smoke turkey and a good cookbook...
  8. Binford 6100

    Sous vide and smoked turkey

    So for thanks giving this year I am going to stray away from the deep frier and I want to due a combo of sous vide and smoking. I have never done this so I thought I would ask for some opinions. I will brine the bird, then I was thinking sous vide to about 150 and then finish on the smoker to...
  9. M

    New to charcoal smoking

    Hello all, First off I want to apologize if this isn't the right place to post this sort of thread but I have a question I would like to try to get an answer to. I'm still pretty new to smoking, been doing it about a year now on a propane smoker just learning the basics n stuff. But now my...
  10. disco

    Gayle's Low Fat Sausage Gravy

    A friend had a cardiac incident and mentioned my recipes were mostly not allowed on his new diet. I really felt for him but have cooked for various restrictions and realize you can make good food that is low fat. What is something you think you might never have again on a low fat diet? Sausage...
  11. millerbuilds

    Turkey Meatloaf (Healthy Que)

    We decided to try meatloaf on the PBC again. This time we took the 21 Day Fix Turkey Meatloaf recipe (changed it up a bit) and put it on the Pit Barrel Cooker with a blend of Cherry and Maple wood for a sweet and mild smoke. The Recipe 2lbs raw 93% lean ground turkey 1 cup all-natural salsa...
  12. tropics

    Pastrami Pot Pie Updated

    Yeah the title is right Turkey Pastrami used the 1 breast we saved. more of the players I cook all the veggies 1 at a time for my tenderness all mixed together with Cream of Chicken Soup Making 2 pies so I divide the meat placing it in the crust add the mix and combine Cover Bake Cut...
  13. M

    Thanksgiving spread

    Here is a few pics of ribs and smoked turkeys I did this past holiday. The turkeys were injected with butter mixed with creole and smoked paprika and rubbed in the cavity with a home made brown sugar dry rub. The ribs got the same rub treatment with a spritz of apple juice and basted with sauce...
  14. chilerelleno

    Busy as the Proverbial One Legged Man in an @$$ Kickin Contest

    Good gosh, this time of the year can stress a person out. Work, Family, Hunting and Family/Friends, More Work, Holidays and Friends/Family and Lots More Work. And in-between all that chaos, confusion and contention, I gotta get some cooking time in to really relax. Still trying to make room...
  15. hunter rose

    Mmm... leftovers.

    Tried a few new tricks this go around... overall I was pleased. The legs were injected and smoked - delicious as always. The rest of the bird, I pre-carved, dry brined, injected, sous vide and then smoked. Lots of work, but delicious.
  16. M

    HELP - Pit Boss 4-1 Electric Smoker Not Getting Above 150

    My Thanksgiving is in danger!!! My Pit Boss 4-1 electric smoker is not getting above 150 degrees. I have a 19lb turkey, the smoker can do up to 20lbs. The temp outside is in the low 40s. The vents are also open and the temp is turned all the way to high. I also have the prob in the breast. I...
  17. smoked turkey

    smoked turkey

    no brine, no injecting, no skin. bacon salt. juicy.
  18. SmokinAl

    SANTA MARIA rotisserie turkey

    Our Grandson is coming today for the week, he is a chef & will be bringing a rack of lamb from his restaurant, for our Thanksgiving meal. It's a dish they make at his restaurant, so he's making some kind of Greek veggies or salad or something to go with it. I love lamb & this will be a real...
  19. TampaNole27

    Practice Turkey Day

    Practice makes perfect! So it’s become my annual tradition to do a practice bird on Sunday before hosting 30+ people and 3 birds on Thanksgiving. Wife uses the carcass to make an AMAZING smoked gravy to go with Thanksgiving. This is a 11.6 lb Turkey. I try to stay between 10-12 for my smoked...
  20. L

    SMOKED Turkey - How to - help guide

    Alright guys, long time reader, first time poster. I just Joined to ask this question lol. Two years ago I came across THE BEST guide for smoking turkey. My smoke turned out great. I believe it was a guide from JJ. The only thing I have as a recollection is that I put oranges inside the turkey...