Searin' the brisket

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Aug 12, 2007
N. Oakland County, MI
"We're talking about great blazes of beef fat and mesqite or hickory. We sear until the exterior is completely black."

Should make for some interesting photography, if nothing else...heh.[/quote]

#1 The Guest of Honor
#2 Onto the fire!
#3 Sumtin's cookin'
#4 Great Horny Toads!

It's now in the ECB^2 with 4 more lbs jerky...yum!

Done 1 and 2! Cooked to 180 for slicing... tender as all get-out!
Alrightee then... Keep those pics coming. I'll be heading to the Okie house in the morning for the great christening of his new smoker. Let us know how that method works for ya.

Keep Smokin
Great balls of fire your dinners burning!

Now that's searing!
Jus' following Okey's advice... and with all those rep points <Not as much as you, but still> I'd be a foo' not to :{)

She's lookin' <and smelling> good 'bout 2 hours in. I'll go snap a pict when I mop again in a couple...Wheee! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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