3rd Cook On The Hy-Fyre: Brisket Perfection....Finally (Q-View)

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Very nice Robert. Kudos to you for not giving up. Smoke ring looks so good.
Very much appreciate it Brian. Was well worth sticking it out to the end.
I giving up on fishing. I suck! Boat goes for sale tomorrow
Very sorry to hear this. Here's the big question: do you enjoy fishing? If so, who cares whether or not you catch fish. Sure, it'd be nice to get a few once in a while but it's all about having fun. You worked hard and deserve this in your life.

Here's the big question: do you enjoy fishing?
I has gotten to be more like work than fun. I sure got that boat fixed up for someone! If I had someone to go with would be a lot better. That why I had quit before. My buddy got killed in a wreck and it just not that enjoyable by myself.
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