SV brisket points/flats separately & translating previous corned beef points success

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Dec 22, 2009
North Tonawanda, NY
I sous vide my corned beef points at 180* for 10 hrs and love the texture I get from that time and temp combo.

So…. Question(s):

1. Can I sous vide my bbq brisket points at the same time/temp, and expect the same texture? Or does the corning process have something to do with that?

2. Assuming I have two sous vide machines, to me it makes sense to sous vide the flat and point separately as they cook at different rates anyways. Assuming my 180* x10hrs will work for the point, what time/temp would you recommend for the flat? (I’ve never been happy enough with a SV corned beef flat to have a solid opinion).

3. I may smoke both the point and flat for 5-6 hours a couple days before the SV bath. Would this affect your time and temp recs for the point/flat? (My thinking is that the 6hr smoke won’t affect the SV time/temp recs, but wanna hear y’all’s opinion).

4. Do you see any reason why I can’t do the 5-6 hr smoke on a Tuesday, cool the brisket, cryovac the point and flat separately, and then throw it in the SV bath on Friday?

Looked at lots of posts, couldn’t find answers or threads talking about these specific questions, so thanks in advance. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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