Brisket on the SmokeFire

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That looks absolutely amazing!! The whole meal is fantastic but that brisket is off the charts. Extremely well done right there!!

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Can't get any better than that! That looks excellent and I'd dive into a plate for sure. Good work!
Thank you Ringer .
Very nice Chop!

Very nice color on it!
Thanks Civil . I've had that grill since last July . I've taken my time to learn it in stages . I went from not sure , to I couldn't be without it .
Looks excellant!
Thank you sir . Appreciate that .
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That is what a brisket should look like Rich!
I sure would be proud of that!
Thanks Al . I didn't plan on posting because I've done 2 threads recently , but I came out so good and maybe someone will take away a couple tips .
Oh , and I'm with you on the eggs . Those came out on top too . First time for no green yolks . Lol .
That looks awesome! The whole meal does!
Ryan , lets see the GMG in action bud .
Thanks for looking and the comment .
What a great looking meal Rich! Points for sure
Thank you Matt , I really appreciate that . You know I read over you're brisket info several times when I did the first one .
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Agreed, and you've got this old schooler thinking more about plug in cookers.
Yeah , I know . Never thought I would have a pellet grill . It really does a great job .
Thanks for lookin bud .
Now that looks real good! Killer smoke ring too!
It puts a good smoke ring on stuff . I think bumping the temp slowly helps with that . The SmokeFire has a slow trickle of pellets anyway . Seems to have a good showing of smoke , even at higher temps .
Thanks for the comments .
That looks absolutely amazing!! The whole meal is fantastic but that brisket is off the charts. Extremely well done right there!!
Thanks Robert . I had other sides , but decided to save them for round 2 tonight .
Rich I like all of that the Brisket is beautiful smoke ring nice job
Thanks Richie . I was thinking a couple slices of that ham you did and a couple slices of brisket piled together on a bun would make some good eats bud .
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I think that all of the superlatives have been used Rich.

That's what I get for being late to the party.

Great looking chow. That is an impressive smoke ring.

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Wow! Perfect brisket, you really can’t beat that! What a smoke ring🤩 !!!! The whole meal is killer, congrats on a well deserved ride!
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Looks perfect Rich! Cooked perfectly and that smokering excellent.
Nice plate shot too. Great job.
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Phenomenal cook Rich! I’d take a few slices of that brisky any day… and some of them eggs! Yum!
Appreciate that comment .
When an owner of the SF gets dialed in to the grill, wonderful things happen. Briskets on the Smokefire come out looking like pit bbq
That's the truth . Ribs too . Thanks for lookin .
That is absolutely deserving of the carousel Chop. Beautiful brisket and the only sides needed.
Double like . . .
Double thank you .
Wow! Perfect brisket, you really can’t beat that! What a smoke ring🤩 !!!! The whole meal is killer, congrats on a well deserved ride!
Thanks Jed .
Looks good enough to get me drooling, Rich! Nicely done!
Had round 2 last night for supper . Reheated in the SV . Melt in your mouth tender .
Thanks for the comment Doug .
Looks perfect Rich! Cooked perfectly and that smoke ring excellent.
Thanks Mike . The oven finish is part of the plan . That's the third one that finished on time . Short rest on the counter .
Congrats on the ride Rich, well deserved!
Thanks Ray .
Very, very nice Rich and that smoke ring...simply fantastic...
Thanks Charles . Appreciate that .
That is thing of beauty Rich. Nice job Bud.
Thanks Brian .
I bought a 13 pound brisket early last week to grind . Went back on my normal day to check prices ( Gordon's food service ) they had 3 or 4 small briskets at $3.75 a pound so I grabbed one .
Trimmed out at 5 1/2 pounds . It's really flexible to start , so that's good .
I mixed up an injection of 1 cup unsalted vegetable stock , 3 tsp powdered beef base , a couple spoons of roasted garlic puree and 4 grams of stpp fo the 5 pounds of meat .
I pumped it full , and coated it with Canadian steak seasoning . Wrapped in plastic , then over night in the fridge .
I put some mesquite pellets in the SmokeFire and set it to 225 .
Got the brisket out to heat up while I got the grill ready .
Here it is trimmed up . Nice clean piece of meat .
View attachment 629632
Next morning warming up on the counter . The flat had a pretty thin edge on it .
I normally trim that off , but decided to use it as a buffer , and left it on .
View attachment 629633
After the SmokeFire runs at 225 , I set it to smoke boost . Temp outside was
in the low 40's . So the chamber temp was 180 . On hot days it stays around 200 .
I ran it in boost for 3 or 4 hours .
Opened it up to add the therms .
View attachment 629635
From that point I stop looking . I bump temps up over the cook time . I like that it comes up slow .
I think it helps the smoke flavor and color of the meat . So I went from 180 , up to 275 over the next several hours .
25 degrees at a time . I do have to even out the pellets in the hopper . Not a problem . I keep an eye on all my cooks .
So a couple hours before I want to eat it was at 175 ish .
Shut the SmokeFire down and bring the brisket in the house to wrap .
View attachment 629639
Set the oven to 350 . Add the brisket wrapped in pink paper , and watch the internal temp .
When it starts walking up , I turn the heat down and open the door . That slow the cooking to a steady rise .
This went about 2 1/2 hours at 325 .
Out of the oven , and paper removed . Smells good .
View attachment 629641
The point is like butter , but the flat still has some resistance . The thin part is over done .
That's OK , I knew it would be .
I put plastic wrap over it and a towel . I just let it ride on the counter .
View attachment 629642
View attachment 629643
Temp was down to 170 or so . Take the towel off . As the meat cools down it sucks the plastic up tight .
Draws some moisture back in .
View attachment 629644
View attachment 629645
First couple slices were dry and just at a crumble stage .
View attachment 629646
Couple more slices in ,, my goodness . It's perfect .
View attachment 629647
View attachment 629648
My Daughter walked into the kitchen . Said she could smell it from her room , and grabbed a plate .
I used a fork to get her some slices .
View attachment 629650
It just perfect . I'm gonna eat my fill just standing at the cutting board .
View attachment 629652
Got me a few slices ( I all ready had 6 or 7 ) and dipped them in the juice on the tray .
View attachment 629653
I had a whole spread , but just did eggs and the beans on my plate .
Fancy picture or slopped on , it all taste the same .
The brisket was just perfect , and the SmokeFire does a fantastic job .
View attachment 629654
The beans were doctored up from a can .
The eggs were horseradish , Duke's mayo and yellow mustard .
Pot covered with water . Comes to a boil , lid on and heat off .
Set timer for 15 minutes . Then rinse in cold water and peel when cool enough to handle .
View attachment 629634
View attachment 629636
View attachment 629637
View attachment 629638
Can't wait to do leftovers for tonight's supper . Pretty sure the eggs won't last that long .
Thanks for lookin.
looks amazing!
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