3rd Cook On The Hy-Fyre: Brisket Perfection....Finally (Q-View)

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tx smoker

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Apr 14, 2013
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I've been battling the smoke ring dilemma since getting the last cabinet smoker done. Seemed like no matter what I did or what wood I used, I just could not get that coveted smoke ring. I know it brings nothing to the party as far as flavor goes but if I'm going to spend all day slow smoking a piece of meat, I want that visual effect of doing BBQ. I had a very informative and somewhat lengthy discussion with our good friend Eric ( SmokinEdge SmokinEdge ) and gleaned a huge amount of info from him. That conversation was a year or so ago but I went back and reread the entire thing last Sunday after doing the Dino ribs on Saturday with no smoke ring. A couple things jumped out at me which could be the cause of the issue so I did some basic mods last week and spent a lot of time running the smoker just to learn the ins and outs of it. No cooking, just learning the tricks of temp control. Well, with a tweak that took all of about 5 minutes to do but over a year to figure out, the dilemma is solved. I did a small trimmed brisket that I picked up from the new grocery store that just opened in town and decided to give it a run.

The brisket. Only a bit over 4 pounds.

They trimmed the fat cap down to about 1/4" but I shaved it down to about 1/8" and seasoned with Montreal Steak seasoning.

Smoker is up to temp and running some nice TBS so on goes the brisket.

For the second week in a row, TBS with the thunder clouds in the background.

At the 3 hour mark. Starting to take on some really nice color. Using B&B hardwood charcoal briquettes and hickory.

4 hours in and starting to look really good.

6 hours and the IT is at 180. It goes into a pan and smothered with a gravy base sauce I make, cover, and back on the smoker to finish. I forgot to take the pic before starting to add the sauce so there's a bit of it on the left side when I caught myself and snapped the pic.

Sliced some new red potatoes and onions, tossed with some of my homemade garlic and herb infused EVOO and SPOG. Onto a large piece of foil and a couple big dollops of butter. Wrap up tight and onto the grill to cook.

8 hours total cook time running between 235 and 240 and it's probing tender. A short rest and ready to slice. At this point I am praying to see what I've been waiting to see. Man, this looks really good so far though.

Nailed it!! Absolutely beautiful. Am I ever feeling good at this point.

A little closer......

Taters and onions done. I also made a quick pickle veggie salad while all this was going on.

Plated. Time to enjoy dinner on the patio before the rain comes back in.

Just had to get one more close up shot :emoji_astonished:

After a very long battle, I finally got it figured out but never would have if not for the info I got from Eric. I did a few other tweaks but all I had to do for the smoke ring was install 3" flat stock steel at a 45 degree angle on each side of the smoker level with the top of the huge heat deflector plate. That directed the heat and smoke to the center of the CC versus having it just run straight up the sides and out the top stack. As for the dinner, we both agree that this was about the best BBQ either of us has ever had.When I loaded up Tracy's plate and asked it it was enough, her reply was that it was more than she'd ever eat. Next thing I knew she was getting up....to go get more brisket :emoji_laughing: It was fantastic!! I saw somebody not long ago (sorry, don't remember who) that did the taters this way and it seemed like a fantastic way to do them. I was right. The taters were perfect and an excellent side with the brisket and salad. All in all, an excellent meal. Oh well, I am happy. The smoker is a dream to cook on and now I have my nemesis off my back. I also need to give a big shout out to another good friend civilsmoker civilsmoker for some valuable info he shared insofar as the actual fabrication goes. None of this would have ever happened without the amazing people here in the forum. Thanks to all and God bless!!

One happy camper,
Fantastic journey Robert. I’m glad you have nailed. Just an incredible looking cook, the first of many on this new pit. Very nice work my friend. Keep the TBS rolling.
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Heck yeah got er dialed in! Nice work. Looks pretty tasty
Now leave it alone Robert 🤣
Looks like you've definitely got her dailed in and a perfect way to celebrate!
Beautiful color AND smoke ring!
You sir are a master craftsman.

Fantastic looking Q. And great engineering. I wouldn’t have thought you could dial in a smoke ring like that. If only manufacturers took as much care as you.
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That right there is a home run my friend! A little turbulent air makes the smoke particles hang around a bit more for some smoke kissen!

I would have needed to wheeled out of the dining room with that plate…..

Congrats on the new Hy Frye!
Robert I could hear you singing all the way up here in my neck of the woods ( With a little help from my friends ) everybody now 🥁🥁🎺.

Great job Robert and also love the taters But no gravy lol .

But yes Virginia there really is a smoke ring

It was thirdeye thirdeye Wayne with his Hobo potatoes

Glad you got it fixed up and now you and Tracy can finally have a decent meal :emoji_wink::emoji_thumbsup:

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Fantastic journey Robert. I’m glad you have nailed. Just an incredible looking cook, the first of many on this new pit. Very nice work my friend. Keep the TBS rolling.
I very much appreciate the kind words Eric but more than that, I appreciate all the help, guidance, and patience as you guided me through this. You have no idea how good it felt when I sliced into this brisket :emoji_wink:

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Looks like you nailed the smoke flow with the modification. Brisket looks fantastic!
Thank you my friend. Amazing how much of a difference that one little 5 minute modification made to the outcome of the meat.

Now leave it alone Robert 🤣
Looks like you've definitely got her dailed in and a perfect way to celebrate!
Beautiful color AND smoke ring!
You sir are a master craftsman.
I very much appreciate all the kind words Keith and yes, it's time to leave this one alone and just enjoy the food coming off of it. One of the best carpenters I ever worked with asked me one day "Do you know when to quit messing with it?". The answer was "When it's almost perfect. Keep messing with it and you're gonna screw it up".

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Great looking meal there Robert!
Glad you finally got your smoker where you want it.
It sounds like a dream to cook on.
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