Brisket on the SmokeFire

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Dec 14, 2013
OFallon Mo.
I bought a 13 pound brisket early last week to grind . Went back on my normal day to check prices ( Gordon's food service ) they had 3 or 4 small briskets at $3.75 a pound so I grabbed one .
Trimmed out at 5 1/2 pounds . It's really flexible to start , so that's good .
I mixed up an injection of 1 cup unsalted vegetable stock , 3 tsp powdered beef base , a couple spoons of roasted garlic puree and 4 grams of stpp fo the 5 pounds of meat .
I pumped it full , and coated it with Canadian steak seasoning . Wrapped in plastic , then over night in the fridge .
I put some mesquite pellets in the SmokeFire and set it to 225 .
Got the brisket out to heat up while I got the grill ready .
Here it is trimmed up . Nice clean piece of meat .
Next morning warming up on the counter . The flat had a pretty thin edge on it .
I normally trim that off , but decided to use it as a buffer , and left it on .
After the SmokeFire runs at 225 , I set it to smoke boost . Temp outside was
in the low 40's . So the chamber temp was 180 . On hot days it stays around 200 .
I ran it in boost for 3 or 4 hours .
Opened it up to add the therms .
From that point I stop looking . I bump temps up over the cook time . I like that it comes up slow .
I think it helps the smoke flavor and color of the meat . So I went from 180 , up to 275 over the next several hours .
25 degrees at a time . I do have to even out the pellets in the hopper . Not a problem . I keep an eye on all my cooks .
So a couple hours before I want to eat it was at 175 ish .
Shut the SmokeFire down and bring the brisket in the house to wrap .
Set the oven to 350 . Add the brisket wrapped in pink paper , and watch the internal temp .
When it starts walking up , I turn the heat down and open the door . That slow the cooking to a steady rise .
This went about 2 1/2 hours at 325 .
Out of the oven , and paper removed . Smells good .
The point is like butter , but the flat still has some resistance . The thin part is over done .
That's OK , I knew it would be .
I put plastic wrap over it and a towel . I just let it ride on the counter .
Temp was down to 170 or so . Take the towel off . As the meat cools down it sucks the plastic up tight .
Draws some moisture back in .
First couple slices were dry and just at a crumble stage .
Couple more slices in ,, my goodness . It's perfect .
My Daughter walked into the kitchen . Said she could smell it from her room , and grabbed a plate .
I used a fork to get her some slices .
It just perfect . I'm gonna eat my fill just standing at the cutting board .
Got me a few slices ( I all ready had 6 or 7 ) and dipped them in the juice on the tray .
I had a whole spread , but just did eggs and the beans on my plate .
Fancy picture or slopped on , it all taste the same .
The brisket was just perfect , and the SmokeFire does a fantastic job .
The beans were doctored up from a can .
The eggs were horseradish , Duke's mayo and yellow mustard .
Pot covered with water . Comes to a boil , lid on and heat off .
Set timer for 15 minutes . Then rinse in cold water and peel when cool enough to handle .
Can't wait to do leftovers for tonight's supper . Pretty sure the eggs won't last that long .
Thanks for lookin.


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WOW fantastic looking brisket, and meal Rich. It looks like you put red lipstick on that brisket. The smoke ring is outrageous even on my old computer screen.

Out of the oven , and paper removed . Smells good
I bet!! and I bet it tasted even better.

Point for sure
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Damn Rich that brisket is money! Beautiful smoke ring. Looks nice and juicy. Eggs sounds good too I need to try the horseradish next time I do a batch. Very nice!
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Man that looks killer Rich! That's about exactly how I'd eat it too with the beans and deviled eggs. I want do some serious work dialing in a deviled eggs recipe that I like. Wife's are tasty but kinda grandma style if you will. I like the horseradish idea. Will try that. Been playing with spices eating some HB eggs and so far white pepper is the winner.
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fantastic looking brisket
Thanks Chris .
The smoke ring is outrageous
I have that SmokeFire figured out . It cooks great food . Plenty of smoke flavor .
That Brisket does look Perfect !!
Thanks John , I appreciate the comment .
You dont need fancy plating when the meal looks that good. Mercy!
I'm telling you Jim it was good . When you get brisket right it's hard to beat .
Thanks for lookin bud .
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Very nice Chop! I would enjoy a plate of that....well a couple of plates! Very nice color on it!
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Damn Rich that brisket is money! Beautiful smoke ring. Looks nice and juicy. Eggs sounds good too I need to try the horseradish next time I do a batch. Very nice!
Stress free brisket zone . The forced finish in the oven is perfect . That was Bertman's cream style horseradish . Works good for the eggs . Thanks for the comments .

Fantastic looking briskie, eggs, and beans. A trifecta of flavors! Well done!
Thank you sir . The beans with that brisket are a match for sure . Thanks for lookin .
That is what a brisket should look like Rich!
I sure would be proud of that!
Oh, and BTW I am a deviled egg addict, so I would love to be sitting down to that meal!!
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That looks awesome! The whole meal does! Sure glad I had my fill of deviled eggs the last couple days or I'd really have a craving!

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You nailed that brisket Rich, gorgeous piece of work!
Ray , the small briskets are perfect . I know going in that I'm gonna use the oven to force it to finish . I wasn't sure about all the moving parts on a pellet grill , but I sure do like it .
Thanks for the comments bud .
Nice Rich, that smoke fire sure did give it a nice smoke ring. All the recent talk about deviled eggs has me wanting some.
Cliff it sure does . I don't know if it's the open design or what . That's the only pellet grill I've been around .
Yeah , all the eggs made me make some . They're so good . Thanks for lookin bud
Man that looks killer
Thanks Sam .
I like the horseradish idea. Will try that. Been playing with spices eating some HB eggs and so far white pepper is the winner.
White pepper sounds good . I didn't get to crazy with these , I kind of like the G-Ma flavor . Lol . The horseradish was the Bertman's that you sent me . It works good for this because it's on the mild side .
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