Pulled Ham 1st try. jcam way

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I was at a county fair once, that was selling pulled ham sandwiches. They recommended me to drizzle a touch of BBQ sauce on it & add about 5-6pickled jalapeño slices to it.

Oh boy it was a treat to eat! Lmao I must of bought 5-6sanwiches that day. 🤣
I wonder how a drizzle of balsamic glaze would go with this? I might have to find out...lol
Good job, very very close to the way I do mine.

I like using Dr Pete's Praline Mustard Glaze during the last hour or so. This stuff is awesome.
Pulled Ham or Double Smoked whatever you prefer is the Dang Gift that keeps on Giving. I just couldn't help posting my lunch plate today. All the co-workers were Oooing and Ahhing and loved it. Of course, none would eat the greens. Don't know what they're missing.
This was the first vac seal bag out of the freezer and it was still as good as day 1. I found that having it cold could be even better than day 1 believe it or not. Made the collards with very little seasoning as I wanted the more bitter green to offset the salty ham. I don't know if I'm gonna have any left for beans or ham patties. Oh well, just have to do another.
Ham n Greens.jpg
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