BBQ Battle Pulled Ham on the 270 Smoker

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Jun 13, 2017
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It's been awhile since I've done pulled ham and man it's one of my favorite things. So many things you can do with it aside for em amazing sandwiches. I scored 2 nice shank hams around Easter at Kroger for $0.79 / lbs. Wish I'd bought 4
Rubbed them yesterday. Rub was my standard keto pork and chicken rub with some added clove, allspice and sugar free root beer drink mix.
It's been a couple years since I fired up the 270 KC Smoker. Ever since I got my first (and 2nd) Lang I've just used them. I forgot just what a pleasure this thing is. I ran B&B Hickory lump with 4 or 5 nice chunks of cherry mixed in. Dialed it in around 275F. Smoke was intoxicating. First check a couple hours in. I added some rub after this pic and spritzed with sugar free root beer.
Here is a little later with the added rub and time for another spritz.
Overall the one on the left took about 6 1/2 hours and the bigger selection one on the right about 7 1/2. I put both in tightly covered pans with a cup of liquid at 165F and took to 205F. Both were rested for quite awhile in the Cambro prior to pulling. Last time I did the shank hams it was good but a little stubborn pulling. These literally disintegrated as I pulled them by hand wearing leather gloves with nitrile over tip them. I could not believe how juicy and tender it was. Here are a couple pics of the pulled.
I had a pan of ham base with a hit of root beer and brown swerve under these. I'll defat it tomorrow and mix some in thia before I portion it up and vacuum seal most of it. This will make many sandwiches, chowders, my Cuban casserole and more. If you haven't done pulled ham yet I highly recommend it. Thanks for looking!
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Looks delicious, Jeff. Wish I had scored me some cheap hams for the freezer in the post Easter sales. They were dang near giving them away to get rid of them.
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Jeff those hams look Amazing!! Kind of like what comes out of the Imu when I do them but with a bit more Kick from the smoke and seasoning you used!! Beautiful!!
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Some mighty fine work there Jeff, got me feeling hungry right after dinner! I never tried double smoking a ham to the point of pulling, might just give that a shot, got a couple in my freezer. RAY
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