[PHOTOS ADDED] 9th Annual South Florida Gathering (December 6th - 8th, Sebring FL)

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Took about 80 or so to the woods last weekend. And you already know there will be an abundance in Sebring for the gathering.
When you gonna bring that jeep out to play?

Soon. After 5/10 Charlyn's class load is a lot smaller for a few months. We will need to figure out something. I have several other Jeeps that want to play as well.
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Depending on how my wifes chemo goes will depend on if we can make it.
ok then... lets get this party started... oh wait.. it's not Dec. yet...

Welp.. I guess I'm gonna go ahead and bring the smokehouse and equipment to make snack sticks again this year.... Since I/we took last year off it's time to get back at it ... If anybody wants to bring casings/seasonings for other sausage (ie. Italian. kielbasa)... feel free...

Hey Keith! I can bring a butt or 2 to donate to the cause. As usual i'll de-bone and cut up then freeze ahead of time. For anyone else that wants to do this same, this pre-prep has made things go quicker in the past.

I can pitch in for casings, seasonings or anything else that we need.
HEY Y"ALLLLL .... Was just reading this post/smoke by Misplaced Nebraskan (Zach)... https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/smoked-whole-alligator-long-read-but-pics.288735/

A whole gator... any intrest in doing this on Sat. ???

Also... Zach and some others are getting a Gathering together in Aug (inaugural). out there in Central TX... So anybody in that area that hasn't seen the thread/invite yet.. here's a link .. https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t...que-brew-august-9th-11th.288510/#post-1973528
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